US seeking extradition of Sean Garland from Ireland

If you’d been wondering what was happening in the long running saga of the counterfeit US super-dollars, North Korea, and the former Irish Workers’ Party president Sean Garland [you were? – Ed], I have news.. There had been a report of that the US intended to request the extradition, in March 2006, after he had jumped bail on extradiction proceedings in Belfast – briefly turning up at an Irish Labour Party conference in Dublin. The original indictment dates back to May 2005. [updated with added links]. The iol report seems confused about the arrest, but RTÉ has the story too. Adds As does the Irish Times.

Former Workers’ Party President Sean Garland has appeared in court in Dublin after US authorities sought his extradition on alleged counterfeiting charges. The 74-year-old from Dublin was arrested this afternoon on foot of an extradition warrant from the US. Mr Garland was remanded in custody, pending a bail application.

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  • Pete,

    you might add these links above, which offer more information. Including on Garland’s serious ill-health, and the fact that he had offered to talk to the Gardaí any time they wanted.


  • Tony

    Old crims…..always plead ill-health !!

  • Pete Baker



    Updated post with added links.

  • No problem Pete.

    Tony, he is pleading innocence, not ill-health. That was I presume more a comment on the way he was arrested, and the fact he is being held over the weekend at his age and in his condition.

  • Mark McGregor

    Unfortunatly for the WP Obama’s election and forthcoming closure of Guantanamo means their normal thrifty saving of old posters, in this case ‘Stop the extradition of Sean Garland to Guantanamo Bay’, won’t be of use this time.

    That said it seems pretty pointless to eventually be going after an old and sick man after such a long delay. I doubt any Irish court will deport someone with such serious health issues.

    btw think Pinochet if you are a right winger baying for blood over allegations on cash not mass murder.

  • credit crunch

    What a topsy, turvy world we live in.
    Think of two Irish republicans, and the different attitudes to them of the US authorities.
    One, a mass murderer, is feted at the White House. The other, a frail old man who brought his organisation to a ceasefire in 1972, is sought by the USA to answer money laundering charges.

    Makes you think, doesn’t it.

  • So its ok for Garland to make millions illegally for himself and his criminal friends!

    ‘Panorama has also learned that for several years, authorities in Washington have believed Sean Garland to be a major player in the international superdollar distribution network.’

    ‘The Workers’ Party calls on all progressive groups and individuals in Ireland and throughout the world to oppose the persecution of Sean Garland.’

    So criminality and international counterfeiting is ok if its one of your own!

  • Authorities in Washington also believed Saddam had WMDs.

  • veritas

    he wasn`t ill when he jumped bail!

    What comes around goes around, good on the U.S.

    Lets hope justice is done not in the fashion done by the drug dealing non existent Official IRA/group B…

    Suppose there`ll be outrageous indignation in the stickie drinking dens…

  • aquifer

    Seems he printed a few dollars to print a few WP posters each election time. Regularly losing your deposit is not mass murder though.

  • Actually, he had diabetes during the first attempt, and was permitted to travel to Dublin to receive medical treatment by the court.

    Someone needs to change their handle from veritas to mendax

  • cynic

    ” the fact he is being held over the weekend at his age and in his condition”

    Ahhhhhhhh. How sad. In a nice warm prison with medical treatment available I assume? Or can he afford to pay to go private?

  • veritas

    Sorry the stickie leader evaded bail and those who put up sureties lost their money!!

    But what would the official ira/groupb/drug dealing kid beating never worked party/thugs know about the truth…

    they still hold on to guns, kidnap, exhort, rob security vans and banks, distribet and supply drugs and their 4 or 5 drinking dens apart from catering to various hood gangs are a law onto themselves..

    Truth and the stickies don`t mix…

    They haven`t gone away you know!

  • Nice to see someone still believes in the Gobbels approach of telling a lie (or several) often enough and people start to believe it. Knock yourself out.

  • Craoibh Rua

    I wholeheartedly oppose any dealings,never mind extradition treaty,with the USA. A name synonymous with assaults upon human rights & civil liberties Worldwide. Yet,I find the selective opposition of the workers party et al to the extradition of a man wanted on criminal money laudering charges and the vocal public support they had & have for the extradition of republican & socialists from the US and Ireland to British imperialist authorities.

  • Craoibh Rua

    ,breathtaking…if totally in keeping with the ethos of the original stickies (not to be confused with the Adams brand!).

  • veritas

    facts are facts no matter how much muck, innuendo or misdirection you wish to apply…

    stickie Garland did a runner which resulted in those who posted bail losing their sureties….why did you run if he was innocent…

    could it be all the evidence….a press which used to print a stickie magazine was found to have printed dollars…

    the press was in a building owned by the stickies..

    could it be the conviction of certain stickies of passing $100 bills in London?

    Yes its all lies…

    The U.S has decided for political reasons to pick on a former stalinist armed drug dealing group with no support or power…

    Yeah the stickies are getting picked on….poor dearies…

    As I said earlier….they must be crying into their pints in their dens of filth….

    The Drinkers Party…

  • As I said, knock yourself out. Every post contains obvious untruths, half-truths, and lies.
    Indulge your pathology til your heart’s content.

  • frank


    So Garland was not a director of a company called Repsol. As well as being a legitimate publishing company, mainly producing left-wing material for the Workers’ Party, Repsol rented a warehouse at Hanover Quay in Dublin which was used to house the Official IRA’s counterfeiting operation.

    Gardai raided the warehouse in November 1983 and seized $1.5m worth of high quality counterfeit $5 notes.

    One of three printing presses found in Hanover Quay had previously been housed in the Workers’ Party headquarters in Gardiner Place, gardai later found.

  • cynic

    It isn’t just the issue of the money. The Super Dollar originated in that well known beacon of democracy and socialism, North Korea. To quote from Wikipedia:

    “Multiple international human rights organizations, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, accuse North Korea of having one of the worst human rights records of any nation.

    North Koreans have been referred to as “some of the world’s most brutalized people”

    North Korean defectors have testified to the existence of prison and detention camps with an estimated 150,000 to 200,000 inmates (about 0.85% of the population), and have reported torture, starvation, rape, murder, medical experimentation, forced labour, and forced abortions

    For example, years ago just listening to South Korean radio could result in capital punishment.”

    Ah well, the IRA have a long history of keeping good company don’t they.

  • You’re half right. They were not dollars. Nor was there any evidence to suggest that any director of that company, including at least one now associated with the Irish Labour Party, knew anything about what was going on there.

    None of these unproven allegations is relevant to the issue of the US attempts to extradite Garland, the means which they attempted to use, the timing of those attempts.

  • veritas

    Garibaldy so prove one of my allegations wrong…call me a liar…

    Again I repeat the stickie leader jumped bail and his sureties loss their money…

    Prove this as inaccurate.

    As to the stickie drinking/drug dens..

    Prove this as inaccurate.

    As to the stickies drug dealing, bank robbing, exhortion, shootings and knee cappings…

    Prove this as inaccurate..

    You`ll be telling us next the never worked party never send its members via Shannon airport in be trained in the stalinist workers paradise of the USSR…

    That the USSR, never financed and armed that…

    that the official ira/group b doesn`t exist…

    Again I say the stickie leader jumped bail…

    Nothing top do with North Korean links, $100 bills being traded by stickie members in London…

    Yeah I`ve made it all up…

  • I have already on this thread proven several of your statements wrong. As for your when did you stop beating your wife-type accusations which you repeat Pavlovian fashion any time The WP is mentioned, no matter what the topic: I’ve already made it clear that I won’t be indulging you on those, nor letting them distract me from the real issue here. Although I will say the drug-dealing is a recent addition to the usual list of smears.

  • veritas

    no-where have you denied any of the above…

    Again I state…

    Garland skipped bail and his sureties loss their money… fact.

    The never worked party are involved in all forms of criminality and this now includes drug dealing..Fact.

    The official ira/group b ARE STILL AN ARMED GROUP…Fact..

    The USSR financed, trained and armed the official ira/group b…fact.

    Never worked members were jailed in London for distributing and selling $100 bills…fact.

    Repsol printing press printed $100 notes…fact…

    Yes you have answered all of these…its just that you`ve used invisible ink..

    All criminals must face justice all armed terrorist wings must be disarmed…

    the official ira/group b haven`t gone away you know..

  • veritas

    so evidence again points to the fact that garland skipped bail, eh Garibaldy…

  • Frank,

    Check out for evidence that the person who supposedly wrote the document you are quoting denies having done so.


    I suggest you re-read the thread. No-one said that Garland met his bail. No secret. He even published a statement explaining why.

  • frank


    Come on!! – You are having a laugh 🙂

    Its a bit like saying that the person who supposedly wrote the document had never met anyone or associated with members of the workers party/oira.

    Has the person ever instigated legal proceedings against those involved in publishing the story, I presume not, as they are openly available online.

  • picador


    I put it to you that the (Provisional) IRA robbed the Northern Bank. What do you say?

    Just curious.

  • Frank,

    Two documents posted on the internet, one directly contradicting the other. Take your pick. But as I said, such issues our obfuscating the real issue.

  • sid

    yeah garland tried to undermine the Yank economy. Good on him

  • Justin


    The “evidence” that Garland was looking for banknote paper came from a document posted on the Internet and then taken up by the United Staes Justice Department. I wonder why you believe such nonsense costitutes hard evidence? Or perhaps your dislike of the WP circumvents you rational thinking processes?

  • The Pict

    If Garland wanted to undermine the US economy he should have worked for an investment bank!

  • veritas

    “Actually, he had diabetes during the first attempt, and was permitted to travel to Dublin to receive medical treatment by the court.”

    Garibaldy you suggested by the above that stickie garland didn`t jump bail…

    He did jump bail and skipped the country…a sign of guilt maybe…

    I hope he is extradited and faces a court..isn`t that what the never worked party used to say….anyone with evidence please contact the RUC!


    They probably did.

  • veritas


    so they never used all the evidence contained in a RTE documentary or the trial and conviction of never worked party members in London, just for starters…

  • More misrepresentations and lies. He went to Dublin with the court’s permission for medical treatment, and issued a statement explaining why he was not going to return due to the unfair nature of the Extradition Treaty which was never presented to Parliament but sneaked through. Boris Johnson has some good stuff to say on that treaty.

    As for your claims about the documentary and convictions of members of a party. Once again, a half-truth (it was the BBC) and a lie. I don’t think I’ll bother responding any more as you are continuing to repeat the same stuff despite having been shown to be mistaken or lying in all your comments on this story. You have undermined your own credit to such an extent, that I don’t need to do it for you any more.

  • Justin


    Not quite sure what you mean, but if by “they” you mean the FBI and the US Department of Justice, once again we’re back to hearsay evidence. I urge anyone with an impartial head on their shoulders to view the evidence contained in the following links:

    North Korean Criminality Examined: the US Case. Part I
    John McGlynn

    A close analysis of the 2005 case by a writer with no connections with the WP, which reaches the conclusion that ” even on the most generous reading of the indictment, the evidence is circumstantial”.

    Alo, read this:

    Sharply Increased US Sanctions are based on the USD Supernote Accusation against North Korea. But Counterfeit Experts say the Accusation is Baseless.

    In an interview with the Associated Press (AP) on 19.4.2006 Klaus W. Bender, the author of the new book ´Moneymakers – The Secret World of Banknote Printing´, Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim, Germany, 39.90 Euro, outlines that ´in the opinion of experts, this allegation is not tenable.´ It is to do with the paper used in the ´supernotes´ using original dollar paper (made by a specialist company in Massachusets) with genuine security ink based on a secret chemical make up and reserved exclusively for the printing of dollars. ´It is unimaginable that anyone else (than the Americans themselves) could come by these materials.´ He stressed that the machines bought by North Korea in the seventies are outdated and not able to produce the USD supernote, a high tech product. In addition, Bender explained that the ´supernotes´ have two or three designed defects that would ensure that they will be immediately detected by the American checking systems. ´The supernotes have therefore no chance of circulating within the USA´, he points out. He says that the USA´s allegation that (North Korean) counterfeiters are waging an economic warfare is baseless but points to the fact that the US CIA itself runs a secret printing facility equipped with the sophisticated technology which is required for the production of the notes.

    For a more nuanced account of Korean events than the useless mudslinging one often finds coming from “the left”, visit Tim Beal’s website at


    Why Bush is Seeking Confrontation With North Korea


    The story that emerges from these analyses is cear.The case of Sean Garland is part of larger scale actions -overt and covert- by the US on the Korean peninsula.

  • veritas

    Garibaldy off course you are not going to reply because you have no legs to stand when it comes to garland and the sticks…

    You can accuse me of whatever you like but you haven`t refuted any point I`ve raised about the stickies…

    Garland jumped bail and the U.S is welcome to him…

    All criminals MUST face justice..


    if you actually believe the U.S would use a little known man outside the realms of the stickies in a supposed World power game, then I suggest you see a doctor ASAP.

  • Justin


    if you actually believe the U.S would use a little known man outside the realms of the stickies in a supposed World power game, then I suggest you see a doctor ASAP”


    If this is the level of debate you are prepared to engage in,please count me out. I would ask you to read the linked texts and then reply with something more than ad hominem atttacks.

  • andy

    Sean Garland is hardly the worst person involved in paramilitary “politics” on this island.

    However, I think most peoples dislike of him centre around his perceived hypocrisy – when other republicans were being extradited – all well and good – the WP were completely behind it.
    It was fantastic- couldnt happen quickly enough.

    When Garland himself is beign extradited – the process of extradition suddenly lacks legitimacy, its being done for political reasons etc etc.

    The arguements put out by some (not necessarily those here) that Garland and the WP are somehow US targets due to the brave nature of their stance against capitalism are frankly absurd.

    The OIRA were useful to the establishment during the “troubles” but their usefulness has now evaporated.

    As to whether he’s innocent, the Panorama programme did give a significant amount of witness testimony – and the fact that Garland ran off when approached hardly seemed to underline his innocence.

    BTW – I’m not trying to slag off anyone involved in the WP – Garibaldy I’ve a lot of respect for what you post here most of the time. However, Garland’s time has come – he cant say he didnt deserve it.

  • andy

    Oh – I’ve just noticed this from the link:

    “party spokesperson Malachy Steenson said the extradition application was an attempt by the authorities to divert attention from the country’s economic crisis”

    Comedy gold…

  • Andy,

    Funny how both these attempts came during heightened tensions on the Korean peninusla if they are nothing to do with international and cold war politics.

    As for the approach on the programme. He did not run off, something he physcially would find hard to do. Someone tried to open his car door as he drove out of his home with his family. What would you do in such circumstances? What the camera didn’t show, but what a later programme (a sort of history of spotlight which the programme was initially) revealed, was the presence of heavies, sorry security guards, loitering in the background. Why were they needed for a man in his 70s? Would you open the door in these circumstances?

    As for the witness testimony, at least one of the supposed sources has denied it. The rest were statements from political opponents seeking to blacken his name. Hardly objective.

    The UK-US Extradition Treaty is patently unjust – as I’ve said, even the likes of Boris Johnson can see this. No-one should be sent where they will not get a fair trial, or when they are infirm, be it Garland or the Columbia Three, or anybody else.

  • andy

    Hi Garibaldy
    I dont think Garland is a big enough fish to warrant his arrest even on “Korean” grounds. I mean, if they had arrested a North Korean businessman with ties to the regime I could see your point – but an elderly Irish republican?
    I cant see that making a difference. Its not as though it was huge publicity and so casting a further shadow on the North Korean regime.

    Frankly I cant see anyone having the motivation to stitch-up Garland.

    The US-UK extradition is unjust – and fair play for you in making a statement saying it is unfair across the board. However you will surely admit the WP attitude to extradition when it seemed unlikely they would suffer from it has come back to bite them here?
    (although I understand PSF have actually backed Garland in his latest troubles – an act of magnaminity which I thought was completely beyond them).

    OK i take your point on him “running away”.

  • Andy,

    The case never got to the US, so we don’t know how much media attention it would have garnered (and hopefully we will never have to find out). Given that it could have been presented as a justification of the Extradition Treaty which the US legislature would not ratify, and to bolster the neo-con foreign affairs agenda, I’d say it would have gained a lot of publicity. You can find all sorts of material using the accusations to bolster their agenda from neo-con circles on the net. They give no coverage to the fact at least one other European government has rejected the whole theory on which the case is based. The timing is crucial I feel.

    I can see why people see irony in the situation.

  • chewnic

    Yeah Garibaldy-I can just imagine CNN and ABC deciding whether to lead their news bulletins with either Sean ‘SuperDollar’ Gartland or Barack Obama-hmm..Obama or a Bummer-what a quandary(not).