US seeking extradition of Sean Garland from Ireland

If you’d been wondering what was happening in the long running saga of the counterfeit US super-dollars, North Korea, and the former Irish Workers’ Party president Sean Garland [you were? – Ed], I have news.. There had been a report of that the US intended to request the extradition, in March 2006, after he had jumped bail on extradiction proceedings in Belfast – briefly turning up at an Irish Labour Party conference in Dublin. The original indictment dates back to May 2005. [updated with added links]. The iol report seems confused about the arrest, but RTÉ has the story too. Adds As does the Irish Times.

Former Workers’ Party President Sean Garland has appeared in court in Dublin after US authorities sought his extradition on alleged counterfeiting charges. The 74-year-old from Dublin was arrested this afternoon on foot of an extradition warrant from the US. Mr Garland was remanded in custody, pending a bail application.