Constituency profiles for the Republic…

Here’s a handy thing for the upcoming council and European elections in the Republic… John at Irish Election has blogged the constituency profiles put out by the Oireachtas… it’s pretty basic stuff and not a patch on the detailed profiles put out by Sammy Morse for the 97 Assembly elections… Here’s his South Antrim profiling for instance… But it’s a start… The Limerick Blogger how both their constituencies are polar opposites in comparison to one another… For Donegal North East it notes:

A slightly smaller proportion of Donegal North-East people classify themselves as Catholics than in the State as a whole and people from Donegal North-East are much less likely to define themselves as having no religion. They are more likely than average to have another stated religion.

But it seems to me there is a job that Irish Election could usefully do here… Given that we may not have a single blogger of the extraordinary talent of Sammy to cover all the constituencies in the Republic, what about hosting a crowd sourced project to build a politically savvy set of profiles of the Republics various constituencies in time for June? Whaddaya think Cian?

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  • picador

    Nah, just get Sammy to do it.

  • Mick Fealty

    Yeah, right.

    But haven’t you heard? Consumerism is so last century. If people like you aren’t prepared to expend a little graft, why should it happen?


  • picador

    I’m with you on consumerism, Mick.

    I wish I could help but in spite of several years spent in Saorstat Eireann I am very much one of those mad uncles in the attic. The Fianna Fáil / Fine Gael stuff is a complete mystery to me.