Squinter on the politics of me, me, me…

Squinter on political website usersSquinter’s in fine form today. Just “as Gerry Adams settles into his new role in the Blogosphere“, Squinter has decided to take a big satirical bite out of the same. The target: ‘our political website users’ (and its moderators)… (No, relax Máirtín, we don’t think he’s taking another pop at Gerry…) Worth a read since, as always, he’s trying to make a serious point under cover of the humour; though you’ll have to buy the paper to see it, or take out a free subscription from the website for access to the PDF.

In the meantime, for those can’t, here’s a good piece from OpenDemocracy on the paucity of quality discourse on blogs in general: The politics of me, me, me

Update: Roughly scanned copy added above…

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  • veritas

    they`ve got a point….especially about those who start these threads!!

  • Mick Fealty

    That’s the one set of people he doesn’t seem to blame…

  • Rory Carr

    Cruel, so very cruel.

    Failing an opportunity to successfully sue Squinter might it still be OK in these days of transition to perhaps simply kneecap him?

  • Jimmy Sand

    How long ago was the Portadown News thing?

    Can’t he just let it go?

  • USA

    “a lot of time on their hands and a high opinion of themselves”.

    Don’t let him talk about you like that Peter. Post something about P+J with a lot of backlinks, that will show them.

  • I would like to make the suggestion to Squinter that in future columns citing statistics he draws a clear distinction between number, which normally refers to quantity, and proportion, most frequently expressed as a percentage. The number of male children of the Queen of England is not 75%, but three.

  • Albert Josephson

    Worst post ever!

  • Mick Fealty


    I think he’s talking about you. Not you personally, but you as a commenter. And the moderators of course (which Pete has been known to do)…


    You do seem to have a very impressive wardrobe of ‘hats’…

  • edward

    actually Mick I think this is a shot more at you and vance

    the rest of us mostly know we are full of crap ….or maybe thats just me

  • circles

    No, that would be me too edward.

    In any case I just think poor old squinter is still stinging from that climbdown they were forced to take over “he-might-actually-be-a-shit-public-representative-gate affair” a few months back and is striking out like a chastised child.
    Poor fella – he even took out all his big words to try and impress as many people as possible with this piece. Unfortunately he just gets more conservative and reactionary with age does Squinter.

  • Grassy Noel

    Squinter – as ever – seems to have touched a nerve. This column is and always has been the only reason I buy the Andytown News – although, admittedly, some weeks are better than others.

  • USA

    He can’t be talking about me Mick as I have a very full life.
    For example, I enjoy train spotting, wearing my anorak and watching snooker on TV (do they still show snooker on TV over there?) That has got to be one of the most brain numbing activities a human being could engage in. Perhaps our friend Squinter is a fan.

  • circles

    I don’t think he has really touched a nerve Grassy – I think he is doing what squinter has unfortunately become increasingly good at over the years and thats being a relatively conservative, middle-class, establishment type of commentator. Gone are the days of his pointed snipes at the establishment – instead he prefers being disgusted at (male) teenage drinkers with their tops off in the falls park (whilst fondly remembering his own days of mayhem and rioting) and coming over all victor meldrew concerning relativey minor things whilst turning a blind eye to the mess the shinners are making. The one time he did speak up (without the squinter mask on) he was slapped down so quickly it seems to have knocked him into a state of permanent irrelevance.
    I confess that this article did make me laugh though. When squinter says somebody has “a lot of time on their hands and a high opinion of themselves” i realised i must be that plank in his eye he’s busy ignoring that makes him squint. He used to be good and now he’s not – he went off the boil a good few years ago.

  • austin

    A bullseye from Squinter and a nice reality check for those of us who take this blogging crap too seriously. I already sense a few ruffled egos around these parts so job well done.
    At least Squinter can still hit the mark now and then. I use to enjoy Newton as well but he doesn’t seem to cut it these days.