Wider context on that anti Israeli protest in Belfast…

Mark’s video report has been picked up all over the place, particularly in the mainstream media (where all but Talkback used it without attribution). The zomblog’s also picked it up and added some detail from Harry’s Place that may well have conditioned the frightened response of some of the staff on the Israeli stall in Castle Court.

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  • Harry Flashman

    No, I haven’t I have made it very clear I am opposed to the political doctrine of Islamism not Islam, don’t conflate two very separate issues.

    No doubt in the same way as you could feel perfectly comfortanle living in a largely Catholic society with Catholic friends and family but most certainly not wish to live in a Catholic theocracy.

    Nothing strange about it Greg old chum.

  • Professor Yana

    Ms Wiz

    : ‘I have this rather disturbing image of Mr Vance hunched over his computer, wanking off to images of dead Palestinian women and children, and on reaching climax screaming, “GO ISRAEL!”’

    No ones going to bring you home to mummy with language like that. Go and wash your mouth out, furthermore it seems that you get off on dead Palestinians a lot more than Mr. Vance.


  • Rory Carr

    I suspect Ms Wiz has difficulties with men.

    Sad, very, very sad. She really should try to get out more.

  • Ms Wiz

    I was simply alluding to the near pornographic pleasure some posters have greeted the Israeli slaughter of the past few weeks. And it’s curious that the same posters would routinely denounce the IRA in particular, and republicans in general, for their being responsible for the majority of deaths during the troubles – yet strangely ignore the Palestinian body count since 1948, a number I can’t even calculate but which is light years ahead of the Israeli one. Yet no condemnation – ever – of Israel’s policies or military tactics.

    The recent slaughter in Gaza has seen the Palestinian to Israeli death ratio leap to at least 100 to 1. Can you imagine for one minute any armed group or nation anywhere in the world trying to justify that imbalance. That’s not equivalence, that’s a turkey shoot.

  • RepublicanStones

    Ms Wiz, don’t worry the lads just need to lighten up a bit.

    Let me know what you think of ‘Occupation 101’ when you get a chance to watch it.

  • Ms Wiz

    Will do RS, gonna burn it onto DVD and watch it with friends this weekend.

  • Seimi

    ‘Aoife is right Ms Wiz – this is a bit vulgar, don’t ye think?’

    This post has been attributed to me, but I didn’t write it. It even has my email address with it. Strange, especially as I laughed out loud when I read Ms Wiz’s comment. The person it was directed at seems to take an unhealthy interest in the deaths of fellow human beings.

    RS – I received ‘Occupation 101’ as a Christmas present from my brother – excellent viewing.

  • RepublicanStones

    Bit depressing for a crimbo present though Seimi me ‘aul flower.

  • Seimi

    Thats my brother for ye – it’s the only time of year he would give out presents. And when he handed me this one he said – I want you to burn a copy of this for me!

  • 6cp

    …turkey shoot…

    Yea, the turkeys should stick to what they know best; crucifying their opponents in Fatah, etc.

  • Rory Carr

    MS Wiz,

    As with Seimi the post above @ 9.28pm under my name was not written by me but rather by some coward who has stolen my identity probably because he was annoyed by an earlier barb I openly aimed in his direction.

    What a pathetic little sneak thief!

  • RepublicanStones

    Apologies Rory and Seimi, no need to ligthen up in that case 😉

  • Ms Wiz

    I didn’t even know you could do that, impersonate another poster I mean. Obviously one of the drawbacks with a free blogging site.

  • Professor Yana

    Ms Wiz

    It seems to me that you enjoy flicking yourself off everytime you hear that a bunch of Israeli school children have been being blown up on a bus.

    I heard you also thought Schlindlers List was a porn flick

    Now do you think that is fair comment.

  • Seimi

    Rory, do you know who the person is? And if so, can you tell me?

    RS – I will remain dour in that case 🙂

  • Ms Wiz

    No Professor Yana, because I’ve never gloried in the deaths of anyone on this site, Israeli school children or otherwise.

  • Prfessor Yana

    And of course, no where have posters on this thread glorified in the death of Palestinian children, with possibly the exception of a couple of trolls who are probably more in alliance with your fine self.

  • Ms Wiz

    I very much doubt the likes of David Vance and myself are in alliance about anything.

  • Mick Fealty

    Right. Some impersonation going on. And that’s a straight red!

  • Seimi

    Can you tell us who it was Mick? I think I have a right to know.

    Key word – respect 🙂

  • Professor Yana

    Ms Wizz

    Which leads back to the fact that because people may have a different opinion to you regarding the current situation in Gaza, does not mean they get sexual gratification from the bodies of dead Palestinian children.

    For you to come up with such a distasteful image i´m a fraid only speaks volumes for your own state of mind.

    I repeat the trolls on this thread are probably in alliance with you as is the impersonator. I know that was an old trick of republicanstones on You Tube, recreating replica accounts and then placing moronic sexual messages in them.

  • OC

    Mick Fealty, my apologies.
    And apologies to Ms Wiz.
    However, I merely turned a gender argument around for Seimi, and Rory Carr, using their own words to me, except male and female pronouns were reversed.
    A red card may be overzealous, but if this is what you decide, so be it. What’s the sentence?

  • Rory Carr

    NO, Seimi, I do not know.

    The fake post using my name and e-mail address was a clear inversion of an earlier, pretty gentle comment in the circumstances, that I had made in response to a pretty crude, violently sexually graphic, mysoginstic reference towards Aoife Mac earlier and, as such, were it a signed response from that person it might have passed as a poor sheepfaced comeback – but the deception and personation is a little more than disturbing. I do not know what can be done about it.

    I shall leave it to the management to deal with. But they, as we, while stuck with the perils of enjoying this facility, do not have the total freedom of shrugging it off. I do not envy their role but I am grateful for it.

  • RepublicanStones

    ‘I know that was an old trick of republicanstones on You Tube, recreating replica accounts and then placing moronic sexual messages in them.’

    Absolute bullshit you walter mitty ballbag. What is your youtube name then big lad. Making nonsense accusations, c’mon you fool ‘Professor Yana’. I’ve never heard of you on youtube or on here before this thread. Christ but you are one sad little man.

  • Rory Carr

    Ah! The false post using my identity misapplies (or subverts, whatever) an earlier post of mine – not on this thread– but on a previous one. I cannot recall which topic at the mo’ and I cannot then even point the finger since anyone could use such a device. But … there you go.

    Little shits like this wreck confidence for all and spoil, spoil , spoil. That seems to be all they are good for.

    If only they could own up and say “Sorry – I didn’t know the damage I was causing. I was hurt because I felt I wasn’t being treated seriously and no one has ever explained to me how to behave and really join in the fun.”, then we in return could all say, ” Yeah. Right.”

    Or something like that.

  • RepublicanStones

    Mick can you axe my post #24, I really should bite the little fools bait.

  • Rory Carr

    Bloody hell! It didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out before the big confession in the library scene.

    As to sentence – it ain’t up to me but if, as a victim, I was permitted to address the court of Slugger I would say : Let’s look at his record on mercy and justice. If he, say, was all for Gitmo – then send his sorry ass to Slugger Gitmo. If he was concerned about legality and human rights and torture allegations of Gitmo detainees – then maybe he gotta soul. Maybe he jes’ a young fool this time an’ we give him another chance.

    But, I ain’t the judge, OC. You bin rustlin’ mah cattle.You be lookin’ at Lincoln County justice here, boy.

  • Dave

    You’ll feel better after a nice cup of hemp tea. 😉

  • Professor Yana


    I seem to have hita raw nerve there my son. Now calm down go back on to conspiracy bit torrent sites and down load yerself some Jew hating fun.

    Take care big lad.

  • RepublicanStones

    “conspiracy bit torrent sites and down load yerself some Jew hating fun.”

    The mind boggles !

  • Ms Wiz

    Prof Yana

    The makers of the documentary Occupation 101 probably realised the old hoary chestnut of ‘Anti-Semitism!’ would be levelled at it, and according to Wikipedia it:

    ‘includes interviews with mostly American and Israeli scholars, religious leaders, humanitarian workers, and NGO’s critical of the injustices and human rights abuses that stem from Israeli policy in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip.’

    In other words, the very same people who are supposed to be pro-Israeli and pro-Zionist. I’ll burn you a copy if you like.

  • Seimi

    OC, don’t use my name, or my email address again. Have the balls to own a statement yourself, then try and engage in a coherent argument or debate.

  • Professor Yana

    Sorry Ms Wizz, I don´t think I mentioned Occupation 101 as being anti-semetic.

    I would like to point out that I do not agree with Iaraeli policy on the Gaza strip. What annoys me more is the pro Israeli lobbyists who deem anything anti-semetic that criticises Israeli policy.

    However Israel is a small nation surrounded by hostility, whatever the rights and wrongs of it´s origins it cannot be reversed. It saddens me that the conflict between Israeli and Palestinian continues, not least because the Arab and Islamic fundamentalist world has never cared much for the Palestinian people, they´re only motivation is an irrational hatred of the Jew.

    This sort of hatred is everywhere and certain people on these threads hide behind the deaths of Palestinians to vent their anti-semitism.

    Although I am born a Jew, I have never been to the state of Israel like most of the world´s Jews. However I am asked to apologise on a daily basis for the actions of the govt. of Israel. Imagine a South American Catholic being asked to apologise for the atrocities of the IRA, it´s not so different.

    I remember a school choir from Israel attended an event at the Waterfront Hall a few years ago, they where greeted with disgusting Nazi jibes, spitting and intimidation from the same sort of thugs from the Eirigi video. But sure they´re only Jewish children.

    My point is this, by all means sympathise and even support the cause of the Palestinian people in Gaza, but remember when other posters don´t even recognise the legitamacy of the state of Israel (something the PLO recognises)you are then dealing with a differnt monster, a monster so sick that they hide their hatred of all Jewish people behind the bodies of dead Palestinian children.

  • OC


    I tried using civil discourse, only to be rewarded by ad hominems.

    I have now demonstrated that, although you denied it, you ascribe to a gender-based double standard, and are therefore irrational.

    Don’t correct me, and I won’t correct you.

  • Seimi

    I didn’t correct you OC, I told you not to use my name or email again.

  • OC

    You did try to correct me on another thread, and only proved your irrationality by adherence to a double standard.

    So again, don’t correct me, and I won’t correct you.

  • Ms Wiz

    Prof Yana

    Well I’m glad we’re on agreement with some things. You’re right, the Arab world’s silence during the recent onslaught was deafening. But these regimes made their peace with US imperialism long ago and can only encourage token outrage from their respective populations periodically. The undemocratic Arab regimes of the Middle East are a major prop in the stability of the whole region. They’re not motivated by anti-semitism, on the contrary, they rely on Israeli repression of the Palestinians precisely to prevent any common cause with their own peoples. The Palestinians are the region’s fall guys in the whole arrangement, they really are on their own.

    One last point, not recognising the Israeli state is vastly different from not wanting any Jews in Palestine. People in this country did not recognise the legitimacy of the N Irish state but it didn’t mean they wanted Protestants expelled from it. Even Hamas recognise Israel as a permament fixture in the Middle East, indeed it was the peace feelers emanating from them that was partly behind the attack on Gaza. The PLO got nothing from the peace process except more settlements, more expropriation of their lands, more checkpoints, more house demolitions, more expulsions, less trade, less jobs, less water…the list goes on. If Israel continues to exist as a democratic AND Jewish state – a complete contradiction – the only road that will lead to is apartheid and the ethnic cleansing of the remainder of the Palestinians from Israel itself.

    By the way I’ll be commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day next week at the school I work in, however this year I feel will be tinged with the bitterest of ironies.

  • Professor Yana

    Ms Wiz

    Again you are equating all Jews with Israel. BTW many Republicans in Northern Ireland, refer to Protestants as imigrant planters and artificially placed, and would like nothing more but to remove them, it is not as if they haven´t been trying.

    When you do remember the Holocaust, try to remember not just the Holocaust but every other attempt to eradicate the world of it´s Jews, from Biblical to diaspora to inqusitions, every living surviving Jew is nothing short of a miracle.

  • RepublicanStones

    ‘What annoys me more is the pro Israeli lobbyists who deem anything anti-semetic that criticises Israeli policy.’

    Too true.

    ‘This sort of hatred is everywhere and certain people on these threads hide behind the deaths of Palestinians to vent their anti-semitism.’

    Back up a minute….did you forget what you wrote just a few lines previously????

    ‘Imagine a South American Catholic being asked to apologise for the atrocities of the IRA, it´s not so different.’

    Agreed, may Jews have no affinty with Israel whatsoever. Therefore its stupid to link criticism of Israel with anti-semitism.

    ‘but remember when other posters don´t even recognise the legitamacy of the state of Israel (something the PLO recognises)you are then dealing with a differnt monster’

    Israel exists, it is a fact. But we can and should question the morality of how it came into existence. Unless you think we shouldn’t discuss the ethnic cleansing of the palestinians upon which Israel is based? Perhaps you agree with the Knesset law which forbids discussion of the Nakba or the right of return in the chamber?

    ‘you are then dealing with a differnt monster, a monster so sick that they hide their hatred of all Jewish people behind the bodies of dead Palestinian children.’

    To start off so good highlighting how many use the slur of anti-semitism to deter people from criticising Israeli policy, you have spectacularly fallen comfortably into that same tired old routine. You have commited the virtual equivalent of punching yourself in the face. One wonders with the eloquence of your last post where the bullshit accusations and childish remarks came from?????

  • GGN

    This letter from the Irish Times is interesting.

    “Madam, – We are people in Ireland who are Jewish or of Jewish descent.

    We are appalled by Israel’s slaughter in Gaza. We have seen people justifying this on the basis of Israel’s “security concerns” and attacking supporters of peace for being anti-Jewish.

    In this climate we feel it important to assert that it is not anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish to oppose Israel’s action.

    Nor, however, can it be part of any progressive political vision to conflate what the Israeli state has done and is doing in Gaza as being supported by Jews worldwide.

    Throughout the world, Jews have opposed the invasion of Gaza.

    In Israel itself, tens of thousands protested this war; they have been attacked by police and right-wing mobs and many Israelis, predominantly non-Jewish but also Jewish, have been imprisoned.

    We ask people to support these Israelis.

    As for Israel’s security concerns, two points need to be made. Firstly nothing, but nothing, justifies the massacre of innocent people.

    Secondly, peace will only come about through justice for the Palestinian people and through negotiations between Israel and elected Palestinian representatives.

    One does not need to be Jewish to know this.

    We ask people not to claim to speak for us when justifying Israel’s barbarity. – Yours, etc,

    c/o The Tenters,
    Dublin 8. “