“Executive has done everything it can..”

The Northern Ireland Executive may have done everything it can to assist the Presbyterian Mutual Society [PMS] following the run on the Society by its own members in Oct/Nov last year. And the NI Enterprise Minister, the DUP’s Arlene Foster, has certainly done all she could – by creating a new, and specific, legislated administration option. Whether there is, as the BBC report the Minister saying, a “moral duty” on the UK Treasury to “act now to assist the members” of the PMS is another matter entirely – even if, as Will Crawley noted, “the future is bleak for PMS”.

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  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    and talking of what the Northern Ireland Executive have been up to.

    Any thread soon on “DUP rolled over on Sinn Fein’s demand for early devolution of policing and justice” (Jimbo TUV)

    Do you think perhaps they magiced up Unionist confidence over Christmas?

  • Driftwood

    I actually think the British Government should shore up the PMS and give people back what they deposited. Nothing to do with it being a church run institution. Simply that as an Icesave depositor I know how it feels to lose and have the government rescue me. If it can do this for people like me who ‘gambled’ on high return Icelandic banks, it should recompense these depositors in the interests of fair play. The money involved is buttons compared to the sums involved in shoring up huge corporate banks.

  • Rory Carr

    What is this of good Presbyterians, in that state of unworthy greed created by unworthy fear, causing a run on the bank that brought a Christian mutual society to ruin?

    Having just finished a re-reading of Anthony Burgess’s Earthly Powers (the greatest novel in the English language from within England in the 20th century, albeit by a Manchester mick) since its first publication almost 30 years ago, I am in somewhat of an ambivalent ecumenical frame of mind and I think to myself :”Why cannot our brothers in Christ take loving example from Rome?”

    Is there not a railway bridge, a rope; are there not available a mere few cans of Ambrosia Creamed Rice to place in the pockets for weight that might be employed judiciously in order that public scandal may not be given by the flight of Christians at the least whiff of impending pecuniary discomfort?

    Onward Christian Soldiers and all that.

  • Comrade Stalin


    I suspect that you, like Jimbo, are unlikely to want to put money on the “early policing and justice” date. Especially now that it is late, ie later than SF’s May 2008 deadline, and that a date still hasn’t been set.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    I suspect that you have given up on your views that the DUP have no political difficulties with this issue and that it was just just about the bad negotiating of SF and the good negotiating of the DUP?

    The DUP will be envigorating Jimbo’s Euro campaign by dragging this out as they magic up the confidence of the Unionist people and this of course will be to SFs advantage as it increases their chances of topping the poll.

    Jimbo is going to have Robbo and Deputy Dodsy by the short and lundies on this as they try to justify their actions in view of their previous statements and manifesto. if a poor DUP Euro candidate is selected then Jimbo will smell blood.

  • Rory Carr

    Any chance of anyone else on here wanting to talk about the price of fish as set out on Pete’s stall above? Or is it all predestined to come to nought?

  • Parrot Clocker

    Dont see that some of whats been written here has anything to do with the theme of this thread – unless it is meant to be about the DUP’s image amongst the Presbyterians for election purposes.

    I would favour the Government compensating the the depositers because it looks as though some of the savers have been innocent victims of undue influence by elders and ministers in the Presbyterian community. Its disgraceful that the PMS was not in the FSA compensation scheme. The managers of the PMS ought to apologise publicly for being at fault. There should be a law to make it compulsory for institutions like the PMS to be part of the FSA scheme in the future.