Help. I’m a Minister. Get me outta here!!

Martin Mansergh, who’s only been a Minister for five minutes; Conor Lenihan and Sean Power who’ve been there a good bit longer have all said that “they would be willing to relinquish their roles for the good of the country“. Why? To save the country money, and presumably provide leadership in terms of the seemingly inevitable public service cuts coming down the line… But that then begs the question: if it is so easy to do without them now, what on earth were they doing of any significant value before?

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  • kensei

    What where all the people doing in a business before they made redunandant? That others can up their productivity or work can be reordered does not actually say they weren’t doing anything int he first place. It might well be the number of departments is suboptimal, but easily supporte din good times, less so in bad. Perhaps removing them involves some cost: things will nto be done or examined that otherwise would.

    This seems like a bloody stupid question, to be honest. Where is that downclick when you need it?


    This great sacrifice from some TD’s is a bit iffy. It seems like a good chance for junior ministers fearful for their seats to disassociate themselves from this government. Lot of cute hoors in the Dail looking at the bigger picture.

  • This may well be a prelude to soften up public opinion before the ordinary civil servants are axed or have their salaries cut. After all, it will be said, some ministers have already been cut so its not just the lower levels.

    And look at Seagate! There’s more like that coming, I suppose.

  • Nothing stopping them resigning and leaving the choice to Biffo but instead they say “they’d be okay with it”.

    Actions speak louder than words, boys…

  • Mick Fealty


    I would not have asked it if I’d have read Suzy on Lenihan this morning:

    “Minister for Integration without a budget?”

  • Mack

    Surprising no-one here has picked up on Cowan’s or RTE’s IMF gaffe as yet.

    Ireland and the IMF are being talked of together in newsrooms across the globe today, thanks to the leakage of a private conversation between officials and a Union leader.

    Hugely damaging, I would have thought.