Cameron’s plan backfires in Ulster?

There’s a potentially damaging little spat taking off locally here for the Tories after a Cameron interview in the FT today. Now it’s true, as Jeff Peel of the NI Tories points out that Mr Cameron does not mention Northern Ireland in stating his belief “in having seats that are the same size all across the country.” But, as Iain Dale, rather unhelpfully for his local party colleagues, notes “the aim would be to create 585 seats of equal size”. As I point out over at Brassneck that puts Belfast (it’s four constituencies come in around the 50,000 mark, nearly 20,000 below the UK average) firmly on the target list. One of those would have to go to fit the ‘Cameron Principle’, and perhaps one other. And it’s likely Unionism (including the Tories) would take a direct hit.

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