Dell to pull out of Limerick…

They are having it bad down there. First Shannon and now 1900 jobs to go by next year when Michael Dell moves his factory to Poland. Limerick Newswire has all the detail… (H/T Irish Election) Former Fine Gael leader and local TD Michael Noonan wasted not time getting the boot into the government:

It knew for at least a year that many Dell jobs were at risk, and knew for at least three months that all manufacturing at Dell, together with 1,900 jobs, was being transferred to Poland. But the Government sat on its hands and has done nothing effective.

And Mr Noonan suggests that the something that must be done is to:

…immediately declare Limerick an unemployment emergency area. It must instruct the State’s job creation agencies to give absolute priority for new jobs to Limerick and it must immediately instruct the relevant State agencies to provide the retraining necessary so that Dell workers who need to improve their skills are provided with the facilities to do so.

And who says Fianna Fail has cornered the market in political populism?

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