Gerry gets plugged in to blogging…

OUR commenter Comrade Stalin cheekily suggested the other day that Gerry Adams needs a hobby, little thinking that the Sinn Fein president would be paying attention. Yes folks, Gerry has a new hobby. And it is blogging. Catch the first post here, and don’t forget to leave a comment for Gerry (pictured here with his first wireless communications device).

  • Plastic Paddy

    Who do you suppose actually writes proofreads Adams’s entries?

    Hmm . . . methinks Anthony McIntyre will be following this one closely.

  • Jimmy Sands

    I see he has the pre-moderation switched on. What do you think my chances are.

    btw the photo has to be a caption comp don’t you think?

  • Dave

    “If I complain about British Intelligence bugging my car, folks will form the impression that I’m not employed by them. At least that’s what British Intelligence told me. What did they tell you, Roy?”

  • Yvette

    Erich Honecker would have proof read a good blog.

  • Call me bob

    No public figure should comment on a website under their own names…

    Call me bob

  • Comrade Stalin

    I can’t really take the credit for the cheeky “needs a hobby” idea, I read it somewhere before.

    I tried to congratulate Gerry on his new hobby, but sadly moderation has been enabled, so the comment list is full of things like “Happy Birthday Mr President”…

  • If you’re leaving a comment make sure it’s the uncritical type and it doesn’t, for instance, remind Gerry of the shameful role his party had in the silencing of Lá Nua, the rather too independently minded west Belfast based Irish language daily newspaper, as I and another commenter had our posts censored apparently on that ground. Given the range of uncritical comment which has already been published, perhaps it’s a case of ‘any club which would have me as a member, I wouldn’t like to join’.

  • iluvni

    Young Patrick Lismore (jr) from Lenadoon Avenue better ‘rate his politican’ appropriately.

  • edward

    LOL you wasters actually think Gerry could write a blog with out moderating the comments?

    And I see he did allow some critical comments like its time for him to leave

  • Edward – sure there’s been a few posts added since my message here calling for him to go. That’s normal run of the mill stuff. Why isn’t the leader of Sinn Féin, however, willing to answer specific points when they’re put to him? After all isn’t that what a politician’s blog is for – to give the people an opportunity for a genuine discourse with the politician? Or is this merely window dressing? How often will Mr Adams be updating his blog and who’s doing the ‘moderating’?

  • Jimmy Sands

    We’ll probably be told later it was all written by Richard McAuley

  • edward


    In the long run I subscribe to the theory its his blog he can do what he wants with it. If you want to tell him how to run his blog then its not his blog its yours

  • That’s a load of crap, Edward. I’m not telling him what to do with his blog but asking why he’s censoring some rather innocuous remarks. This is after all the leader of Sinn Féin, the party which stood alone against the censorship of Section 31 and Margaret Thatcher. Or is it?

  • Jimmy Sands

    Let’s be honest, if you’re looking to encourage an uncensored and pluralist discussion on your blog, you’re hardly going to ask the Angrytown News to host it are you?

  • Plastic Paddy

    Success! My comment got through the censors.

    Gerry Adams has a blog – Maybe this means Ian Paisley just got his first mobile phone?

    That was me.

  • Call me bob

    “LOL you wasters actually think Gerry could write a blog with out moderating the comments?”

    It is better than moderating the commentators, SF have come a long way since they cut down Downfine Forest ( also know as ‘my tree’) in a frenzy of proof-reading.

  • eranu

    Picture Caption:
    “i put this wee mouse trap down in the kitchen last night, and ended up catching this enormous bug!”

  • East Villlage Electric Newspaper

    darn the copyright, somebody posted this!

    “Bertie gets my prize for great farewells. He did it in style…

    “Another wily and older fox bowed out also last year.”

    They say good things come in threes.

  • Big Bird

    I should know better and not bite, but…Concubhar O Liatháin posts are becoming obsessive to the point of tedium with regards to La Nua and Sinn Fein – leadránach !!. If it was such a great read (which he was once responsible for as editor), why did less than 1500 people across this island buy it. Take out those subscribers who were with it from the start, it actually sold less than 300 copies. The Irish Language community didn’t support the paper. Simple! I suggest that Concubhar channels his energy into something more productive!

  • Jimmy Sands

    “darn the copyright”

    You’ll be hearing from my solicitors.

  • Wrigley Field

    “You’ll be hearing from my solicitors.”

    The cubs are going to have to move to Belgrade,

    if I give you the Chicago Tribune, would that fix anything?

  • Lá Nua is gone, not forgotten whereas Gerry Adams is forgotten but not gone….

    Sure it’s time to move on and that’s happening – but there’s no way that Gerry Adams should be allowed a free ride on his blog or anywhere else making vacuous statements about Irish language rights and so on when his own party is as guilty as the unionists at undermining those rights for its own party political vanity….

  • I wonder does Gerry Adams believe that he’s the Antichrist in a conscious sense rather than in the unconscious way he always seems to know what to do to be regardeed as the Antichrist.

    Well, you know what I mean.

  • Yvette doll

    “If it was such a great read (which he was once responsible for as editor), why did less than 1500 people across this island buy it. ”

    I sold millions of records,

    over so many titles, it was always nice, to have something ‘important’ bought by a few hundreds or a few thousands.

    At this point in my life, I’m more often applauded for the stuff I lost money on.

    I once sold less than a dozen 7″ singles by a British national treasure, it wasn’t Gary Glitter, it was a decent bloke, via PRT (PYE).

    I was so sad, I somehow, messed up the radio mail-outs and forgot to assign a pre-order team, it was a bad week, for me.

    That handful of 7″ singles, were a darn sight more culturally valid than the thrash metal that was flying out the door in trucks.

    Yvette doll

  • call me charlie

    “Anonymous said…

    As you have pointed out now that Ahern and Paisley have taken stage left, isn’t it time for you and McGuinness to ride off into the sunset?

    January 5, 2009 3:38 PM”

    That reflects a remarkable lack of gratitude, for everything, cue Life of Brian, Roman roads etc

    the factories, the artificial ski slope, the community safety, in west Belfast

    Own up, I think it is terrible that people use blogs under false names, I bet whoever said that is a top politician,

    call me charlie

  • veritas

    “Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval.”
    with this and the unfailing attitude of support from the Andytown News….

    No views questioning Adams on what he actually does for West Belfast will be posted…

  • RepublicanStones

    Picture Caption:2

    Unfortunately the Dragons didn’t invest in Gerry’s cheese thermometer.

  • Jimmy Sands

    Picture Caption 3

    At tonight’s gala SF will be auctioning an assortment of memorabilia including [pictured] Denis Donaldson’s Ipod

  • Rory Carr

    “…the comment list is full of things like “Happy Birthday Mr President”

    I knew Marilyn Monroe, Comrade Stalin. Believe me you are no Marilyn Monroe.

  • Veritas

    No views questioning Adams on what he actually does for West Belfast will be posted…

    I would add that he should be questioned on what he does for anybody other than himself, Sinn Fein and the cronies who pander to his giant ego.

  • slug

    LOL — Great caption there Jimmy Sands (6.19).

  • Rory Carr

    Picture caption : 4

    Adams finally embraces technology as he hands over to An tUachtaráin Robot.

  • cynic

    Is that SF’s new answer to the Playstation 3 he’s holding – the “Eire Nua Virtual Reality Device”? They implant that little chip in members’ brains and they imagine a United Ireland is just around the corner.

  • cynic

    And a great quote from Gerry’s first blog:

    “(Paisley) went. He also did it in great style. And his loyalty to his party peers was in marked contrast to their disloyalty to him.”

    Well Gerry, perhaps there’s a lesson for all politicians there.

  • Dave

    “This Political Phrase Updater doesn’t bloody work. It’s supposed to translate outmoded phrases like ‘The workers create the wealth’ into progressive terminology like ‘Lower corporation taxes help create jobs’ but when I said ‘Sinn Fein’s strategy will deliver a united Ireland by 4.17pm on Easter Monday, 2016’ it came out as ‘A united Ireland might happen in 40 years and a spawn of flying yellow monkeys might descend on Buckingham Palace for high tea on a low table.'”

  • Yvette

    “I knew Marilyn Monroe, Comrade Stalin. Believe me you are no Marilyn Monroe.”

    I had a licensing project Doris Day, and Marilyn Monroe and Diana Dors, we got as far as a gatefold ‘Swinging Dors’ product.

    That part went out.

    I think SF are a bit annoyed with my ‘historic gayness’ , they were quite keen on the idea of portraying me as homophobic.

    Gerry should blog on his favourite recipe.


  • Yvette

    That gizmo, is a PYE 3478C ‘the Listenette’ it is the smaller of two MI5 products,

    when I was at Cambridge, I use to deliver them, sadly Phillips bought the company and my plans for a 13 ton cassette player were dropped.

    I later re-jigged the concept in a deal with British Leyland and it went into production,

    Sadly there was no room for an engine.


    ( This post is almost true, it really is)

  • Harry Flashman

    “See this, it’s a brilliant new lie detector for use in questioning suspected informers, so it is. You just plug it into the mains and then drop it into the bath full of water that the tout’s head is being held in, never fails.”

  • Gregory

    Mr Flashman

    You are thinking of the PYE 6278B ‘Toasterette’, it is a similar design but mains powered.


  • eranu

    Picture caption 5:
    “Outrage as enormous latex hand found attached to one of the bugging devices at SF HQ !”

  • Mark McGregor

    Picture Caption:

    Electrocardiograph shows no reading

  • Shore Road Resident

    Another thread ruined by Gregory Carlin, under his various psuedonyms. Do a Google search of the guy’s name and it appears that he has been chucked off many other boards for his endless and deranged fantasising. He is is clearly mentally ill and deserves some sympathy. But most of all, he deserves to be banned. Pronto.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    Gerry Adams or any other high profile republican will never blog, simply because it will uncompromise all plans. Personal blogging for a terrorist is out of the question.

  • Gregory

    Is that the one which was sold for 14K