“They indicate there was an extra-terrestrial event on Earth 12,900 years ago..”

Whether or not the finding of nano-diamonds along with impact material such as iridium and magnetic microspherules – as well as an abundance of diamonds in carbon spherules – confirms the hypothesis of meteor strikes in north America triggering the Younger Dryas “Big Freeze”, after a period of global warming, is less important, overall, than the implications for those who would rely on past fluctations in global temperature, not to mention the global conspiracy, as evidence for denying the anthropogenic influence today – unlike Professor James Hansen, who heads Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Unless, of course, our current NI Chief Scientist Environment Minister, who is still repudiating the scientific evidence, also adheres to the Ussher chronology.. Not that Sammy Wilson necessarily votes as he speaks.. From the NY Times report.

Climatologists believe that the direct cause of the 1,300-year cold spell, known as the Younger Dryas, was a sudden rush of fresh water from a giant lake in central Canada to the North Atlantic. Usually a surface current of warm water flows northward in the Atlantic toward Greenland and Europe, then cools and sinks, returning south in the deep ocean. But the fresh water, which is less dense, blocked the sinking of the cold, salty water in the North Atlantic, disrupting the currents. That sudden change in plumbing has long been known, but what caused it has never been satisfactorily explained.