Might never happen..

Via the Telegraph blog, here’s a fun video to ponder as we head into another New Year.. seems to be popular too.. It’s why some people are keeping an eye on those Near Earth Objects [not to mention the potentially hazardous asteroids.. – Ed] That and those past Extinction Level Events.. Meanwhile the Professor mentions that the Yellowstone supervolcano caldera is being notably tremorous.. Adds more here.

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  • Rory Carr

    Very colourful, I can hardly wait. My main concern would be this – if, say, the impact occurs during the final of the European Championship would television reception be likely to be distorted?

  • Pete Baker

    I wouldn’t worry about that unduly, Rory.

    The Yellowstone caldera is more likely to explode first..

  • AMorgan

    I’m sure this would make for a fascinating blog all of its own. Slugger has become a bit of an incoherent collection of increasingly irrelevant pet-projects lately… (IMHO)

  • GGN

    “Slugger has become a bit of an incoherent collection of increasingly irrelevant pet-projects lately”

    Its called Christmas time.

  • Greenflag

    ‘Its called Christmas time.’

    a.k.a Midwinter Festival – Hanukah etc etc .

    Sun disappearing and reappearing time again 😉

    Pete likes to scare everybody s**tless every so often but at least he provides palpable terror on a scale that dwarfs any potential impact of loyalist or republican ‘dissidents ‘ 😉

    Mind you if the Yellowstone caldera goes off that could be it for the species . Our time is about up anyway . The hominidae species has been hanging around (originally from the trees) for some 5 million years and the present warming period will either lead to an unbreathable Venusian like ‘atmosphere’ or will activate another Ice Age . We are apparently due at least another 14 or so ice ages each lasting at least 100,000 years before we are in for a really warm period of about a billion years before the tectonic plates finally give out and the planet is reduced to a lifeless orb .

    In the meantime enjoy the new year 😉