“They’ll deal with anti-social behaviour..”

The announcement by the PSNI of 5 Neighbourhood Policing Teams for south and east Belfast is being seen by Máirtín as evidence that, “As an institutionally sectarian institution, the PSNI has different policing priorities from those it purports to serve in areas like North Belfast.” [Well it is in a separate District – Ed]. More likely conditions on the ground, amongst other factors, are behind the decision..From the Irish Times report

The teams, in the south and east of the city, will seek to provide a more visible deterrent on the streets and have ownership of local ‘beat areas’ and respond to the concerns of communities and businesses in those areas.

Announcing the five B District NPT areas , Community Safety Superintendent Chris Noble said the public’s sense of safety and their confidence in the police were critically important, as was reducing crime and disorder.

He said: “It is important that local residents know who these officers are and how to contact them. Visibility alone is not enough. Communities want accessible, knowledgeable and locally known officers.”

But he added that things worked two ways and the community also had to participate.