At least Lanark way is open until 10p.m.

I got this little video from TG4, basically its a news report from the 1960’s on the role of the Irish army in the UN peacekeeping role on the island of Cyprus and the city of Jerusalem. (Theres nothing much new under the sun.) I agree with the narrator that Christmas is not a time for thinking about dissention, but wanted to ask does our soloution on this divided island offer any way forward to that other divided island, especially since the people in Cyprus rejected the Annan plan.while we embraced the agreement in huge numbers. Cyprus went on to then join the European union as a divided island.

But although we are a divided island, we have hope, we have moved on because of the GFA that our old divisions could hopefully, in time be put to one side. While Cyprus is in a dead end. They could learn from us couldn’t they? Haven’t we moved on? Yet a decade after the agreement Dover St/Percy St/Northumberland St gates close at around tea time – 6p.m. but Lanark way, which is more widely used stays open until 10p.m. Are the Cypriots more honest than we? Should we learn from their honesty in saying openly and honestly that they are still divided. Do you think we are still divided? Or has peace come to our divided cities and island, and should we market our achievement abroad as a way forward? The first few words are in Irish, but afterward its in English, check out the bullet holes in the walls, and the UN patrols in the streets.