Watch the skies…

THE North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has spotted a fast-moving mysterious object speeding across the Earth’s upper atmosphere, and is currently tracking it somewhere over Yakutsk, Russia. The trajectory seems erratic, but it’s likely to hit Northern Ireland shortly after midnight. Follow the action here.

  • Dave

    Is it another wayward Ryanair jet heading toward Shackleton Barracks?

  • Mark McGregor

    Did this last year with the kids, they loved it.

    I’m following NORADSanta on twitter and later on we’ll ring the mission control centre (00 1 877 446-6723) – last year some crazy army officer spent ages telling our wee man all about santa’s progress. Too cool.

  • Ri Na Deise

    Happy Christmas oddballs.:-D

  • Harry Flashman

    Well he has been and gone here and it’s time for Daddy to go back to bed. I was right; I really shouldn’t have that last couple of drinks last night, it’s been a rough morning but now a couple of hours sleep and then it’s Buck’s Fizz for breakfast, yo ho ho.

    Happy Christmas all.

  • Way cool but NORAD apparently think that Ireland is in Great Britain. (Sorry, someone was going to pick up on it, even at Christmas, it might as well be me.)

    Also, I hope NORAD are better at tracking potential North Korean nukes than they are at plotting the location of North Korea’s capital on Google Maps…

  • Major Tom

    I recommend we use a nuclear-tippped S.A.M. against this santa thread 🙂

  • I Soviet Russia

    Presents deliver you