Big Wheel keeps on turning?

Interesting BBC report on this. The not-completely-independent Northern Ireland Environment Agency has objected to an application by World Tourist Attractions, operators of the Belfast Wheel, to further extend planning approval at its existing site, at Belfast City Hall, until August next year – the current planning approval runs out on New Year’s Eve. Belfast City Council, who would [already?] receive £4000 per month from the operators, supported the application and, apparently, hoped to have the Wheel moved to the Titanic Quarter by next summer. From the BBC report

However, an objection was lodged by the Environment Agency who told the BBC it wanted to put down a marker to ensure the wheel did not become a permanent feature beside a listed building.

Adds From the iol report, “”It would be a disaster for Belfast as a city,” said Nigel Ward [of World Tourist Attractions]”. Although he then modifies that line somewhat – “It would undoubtedly be a huge shame if we had to move it.”