“first time we have been able to prove the mammoth scale of the event..”

Thanks to joeCanuck for the link to this update on the Canadian meteorite that fell to Earth a few weeks ago, “Approximately 130 well-substantiated meteorites have been found totalling about 40 kg, but probably double that number, weighing more than 50 kg, have been recovered.” Meanwhile, in Scotland, they’re uncovering evidence of an even larger event 470 million years ago which “followed a “catastrophic event” in an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter”

[Professor John Parnell ] added: “Our research has also pinpointed that the meteorites falling caused earthquakes and tidal waves to take place at the edge of many continents. “Records show that the underwater life which existed on earth at this time became a lot more diverse directly after this major event. Any connection between these occurrences is not clear, but our findings will help us to investigate and potentially pinpoint how it happened.”