Funeral for Danny McIlhone

Danny McIlhone kidnapped, murdered and then secretly buried by the IRA was finally buried today after Requiem Mass at St Teresa’s. Father Darach MacGiolla Cathain who conducted the service said that it was a day of mixed emotions:

“What is clear in these circumstances is that time doesn’t heal.”
“Truth heals, justice heals, righting a wrong heals. We are still in a society that is continuing to come to terms with its past.”
“What happened to Danny is not in the past for the McIlhone family, it has been very much in the present.”

The IRA have claimed that Mr. McIlhone was killed in a struggle with the terrorist guarding him: whether or not that is the truth we will never know; the chances of there being justice for his murder seem pitifully slim, just as the chances of truth or justice for so many others seem non existent.

  • Jimmy Sands

    But surely the now law abiding provisional movement can pass this information on to the authorities?

  • Dave

    What information could they pass on that they don’t already know, Jimmy? PIRA’s ISU, who would responsible for this young man’s death, was 100% controlled by British Intelligence.

  • Hey you

    Perhaps a Minister of state could be made for this situation. A `Bring them home` Minister. The ideal candidate is already in Government and has at least one good success.

    I for one would far rether her doing what she does best than making a mess of education.

  • Jimmy Sands


    In that case then they can embarrass the brits as well as being good citizens at the same time. Win-win for them one would think.

  • veritas

    anyone who would try score cheap political points whilst this family is grieving, is sick.

  • Jimmy Sands

    Yes, I can see how criticism of the IRA might be upsetting to their victims.

  • Dave

    Jimmy, I’m not sure what you mean. Why would British Intelligence want to embarrass British Intelligence? The head of the ISU, John Joe Magee, and the deputy head, Freddie Scappaticci, along with other British agents who were members of the ISU such as Eamon Collins, Kevin Fulton, Roy McShane, et al, are the folks would be responsible for most of ‘The Disappeared’ within the last three decades. They’re all British agents. If the British government want to help find these people, then they need only ask internally.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Adams’ little talk with the family obviously smoothed things over, as Bobby Storey and a Maskey were at the funeral.

  • iluvni

    How can the likes of Storey have the hide to attend that poor bloke’s funeral?

  • Danny O’Connor

    Turgon , I sincerely hope this helps the family to put some closure on this terrible ordeal.
    There are many families who are resigned to the fact that justice will never be forthcoming because of the dirty little war that went on here for 30 odd years,but would settle for the truth,as a means to bring their ordeal to a point where they could begin the healing process.
    The hypocrasy of the provisionals being represented is unsurprising-it was probably a pre-condition to the remains being returned.You will notice that I have not used the word found,for them to have been found, they would have to have been lost,when we know that the provos were looking for an opportune time,a time to own up to come clean – and yet they have not done so,and so this family mwill settle for closure -in the absence of justice.
    Incidentally ,I thought the priest spoke well.

  • latcheeco

    Dressing up sympathy for this poor kid and his family in order to have a dig at the chucks? It’s at least expected from onionists but oh well, you stay class big lad.

  • latcheeco


  • Paul McMahon

    “The hypocrisy of the Provisionals being represented is unsurprising-it was probably a pre-condition to the remains being returned”

    That’s absolute rubbish Danny. I know the family and, incredibly, they have remained committed Republicans despite of this horror being inflicted on them.

    The individuals named on this thread attended the funeral in their personal capacity as family friends – as did all the other Republicans who attended.

  • barnshee

    The individuals named on this thread attended the funeral in their personal capacity as family friends – as did all the other Republicans who attended

    In the same way I suppose as the murderers “attended” to the victin

  • The Raven

    I didn’t really want to contribute to this, as most of it was well before my time. But of all the things that were shameful over the past years, these stand out as some of the most shameful.

    Somebody’s brother, mother, father…a pitiful death…an even more pitiful burial (for want of a better word) at the time. I don’t know how people can even debate this stuff, nor how they have the stomach to view it as anything other than part of what was a dirty, nasty little conflict.

    I hope these people can rest in peace now.