Funeral for Danny McIlhone

Danny McIlhone kidnapped, murdered and then secretly buried by the IRA was finally buried today after Requiem Mass at St Teresa’s. Father Darach MacGiolla Cathain who conducted the service said that it was a day of mixed emotions:

“What is clear in these circumstances is that time doesn’t heal.”
“Truth heals, justice heals, righting a wrong heals. We are still in a society that is continuing to come to terms with its past.”
“What happened to Danny is not in the past for the McIlhone family, it has been very much in the present.”

The IRA have claimed that Mr. McIlhone was killed in a struggle with the terrorist guarding him: whether or not that is the truth we will never know; the chances of there being justice for his murder seem pitifully slim, just as the chances of truth or justice for so many others seem non existent.

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