TUV into the future?

The TUV have launched their party website. This does at least demonstrate that they did not see Jim Allister’s personal website as the party website on a long term basis, which is a sign of a desire to develop a coherent party structure. However the TUV’s major problem is that Jim Allister is the only coherent spokesman they have, and if, as seems altogether likely, he loses his seat next year, the potency of the Jim Allister show will be to a greater or lesser extent neutered. This fact hangs suspiciously in the air around the DUP/SF deal on policing and justice at the point when stalemate was heading towards an Assembly election. The TUV are a real electoral threat to one part of DUP support, but with the next Assembly election not due until three years after the Euros, the TUV will need to find a way of keeping themselves in the frame, and that requires more than a one man band.

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Former UUP staffer, currently living in London. @mjshilliday