Sammy Wilson and recycling

I must confess to having a sneaking regard for Sammy Wilson; he always seems to be a much more talented and serious politician than he is sometimes portrayed. Maybe one of his failings is that he actually has some sort of sense of humour about himself. He has certainly managed to come out of the latest episode rather better than one of his department’s advisors Professor Gerg Lloyd. The BBC are reporting that at a a planning conference: Professor Lloyd asked a delegate who referred to Sammy Wilson if the DUP minister “had had his clothes on?”. Professor Loyd has subsequently apologised saying it was a “cheap joke without malice”. Mr. Wilson’s comment (practically perfect in my view) was apparently “I’m all in favour of recycling, but this is a recycled old story. Other than that I have no comment.”

  • Ron Savage

    Come on Turgon, where have you been for the last 10 years? The deep freeze?

    That’s a heavily “recycled” quip from Sammy.

  • good grief

    How anyone can consider Sammy Wilson a serious politician is beyond my gait.

    From the Minister for the Environment. The ultra-conservative ostrich approach to incredibly important scientific issues is cringeworthy on a grand scale.

    So, no…i have no regard for the man, the party or any other ill educated ostriches intent on emabarassing us all on a global scale.

  • good grief

    ..and yes. I am ’emabarassed’ by my spelling.


  • deus beus

    Good grief,

    Im not a fan of the man,

    But prove him wrong!

  • good grief is right, in last week’s debate on making the Assembly carbon neutral ( there were even many members of his own party who disagree fundamentally with his views, particularly Jim Wells and Jim Shannon.

    Today he welcomed a ‘pledge’ from the supermarkets regarding phasing out plastic bags which will not be reviewed until 2010. Its an opportunity missed as a levy on plastic bags here would have addressed the issue. Wilson is trying to address the green argument with an economic/tax counter-argument but the fact is that a plastic bag levy will result in behavioural change and many people will not be levied because they will simply not use supermarket bags.

    He is making the Environment ministry the laughing stock of Europe.

  • good grief

    Well, you either accept the weight of almost every serious scientific publication on the subject or you don’t.

    Don’t take someone’s word on Slugger for it tho. Google the UN IPCC report. You can get it from the US Govt’s website no less. Read the summary.

  • He is making the Environment ministry the laughing stock of Europe.

    “Europe” here being defined as the cafes and pubs round Queens?

  • frustrated democrat

    I seem to remember the millenium bug and many other scares that came to nowt.

    The real truth is that we don’t know apart from the fact there is no global warming in the 21st century and that there is climate change which is not as yet outside the bounds of history.

    So the questions are:-

    do we saddle ourselves with cost and expenses now on the off chance those that come behind will not have to suffer


    do we live life to the full now and hope that those that come later will not in fact have to suffer

    seems to me that regardless of what we do those coming later, in the current hypothesis, will have to suffer to some degree

    I for one do not think that following rigid dogmatic doctrines on ecology that will undoubtedly make the 3rd world suffer now are those I want to follow.

    So Sammy may not be so far wrong………..apart from being in the DUP

  • Well certainly Europe in the sense of its political community. Every other government is getting to grips with the issue of Climate Change and reducing carbon emissions whilst Sammy acts as a Minister of Embarrassment rather than a Minister for the Environment.
    The fact of the matter is that protecting the environment will be economically beneficial in the medium-long term, not the other way around.

  • good grief

    Well I don’t live in Belfast, although your none to subtle attempt to suggest climate change science is the preserve of some ineffective student body does not go unnoticed.

    Does ‘I can’t believe it’s not Unionism’ side with Sammy on this?

    State your opinion, never mind your snide remarks.

  • Good Grief

    FD – That may be your ‘real truth’ but it’s not the real truth as shared by a large majority of scientists in the field.

    New Scientist


    Maybe the EU ?

    Academic studies: (sorry Oneill…not Queens):

    So that’s the DUP vs the UN IPCC, New Scientist, the EU and a host of others.

    That’ll do me thanks

  • Daithi,

    Well certainly Europe in the sense of its political community.

    Not even that Daithi, the views of our little toytown parliament with its little make-believe ministers register absolutely nothing in the wider world beyond. That was my point, not arguing on behalf of Sammy.

  • I would have to disagree oneill. Below is one of many stories on the web about Wilson, this one from the US. In recent months we hosted a number of German politicians from Bavaria and they were well aware of Wilson and his views.

    It is a topic of conversation in places like the European Parliament because of the fact that they find his position absolutely incredulous and out of step with parliaments/assemblies elsewhere

  • iluvni

    Seriously, is this a Sinn Fein politican lecturing about the environment, when the IRA has been heavily involved in fuel laundering, with all its poisonous waste product dumped throughout the countryside?

  • jimmyjoe

    And you’re basing that on what exactly??? Rumour, gossip or bullshit?

  • frustrated democrat


    There is no hard evidence only a projection of what might happen but then again the projections might not happen as forecast and everything used as evidence might only be a normal abberation in climate that will correct itself in time.

    You have to look at the information and decide what is fact and what is propaganda for example the polar bear in the opening shots of Gore’s film – there is no denying climate change only the reason is open to conjecture and how it will impact on the world.

    My objection is to using theory and projection to take steps that will totally imporverish the 3rd world so that we might not totally imporverish them in 20 or 30 years time – certainty v possibilty.

  • The Raven

    At least bullshit can be recycled, Jimmyjoe. 🙂

  • reminds me of the time we were out in our v8’s cruising around and all of a sudden the northern hemisphere froze solid for a few hundred years…

    it was mad…

  • frustrated democrat

    ….and then it thawed.

    I am concerned that we think we can control, cure or destroy the earth it took millions (billions?)of years and different climates to arrive at where we are now. We do not control, it nature and evolution does and it will probably correct any imbalances in time however maybe the population could fall by 2/3 to achieve it – who knows.

  • think of the new cars and the drive to get us out of old cars and into new lesser toxic motors…

    complete nonsense

    i drive a ’96 car which i will keep driving till it can’t pass an MOT anymore.

    How is my ’96 any less toxic than a million japanese turning up for work at Honda in their cars or whatever and then all the energy it takes just to make one new car and then ship it to the uk and some salesman has to turn up for work in his car and the show room uses energy etc etc

    i mean it’s just a load of old nonsense.

    sorry but it is.

    Why not ship some food to the congo or something much more useful.

  • reh

    Environment Minister Wilson’s views are hurting any recovery of NI economy to the extent that NI wants to promote itself as a source of skilled engineering, which these days,at least in the Obama-led US and even seemingly in the Republic of Ireland, will be dominated by environmental green infrastructure projects and green products (e.g., alternative energy). Perhaps in NI Wilson is viewed as an eccentric voice within the DUP, and everybody understands that there is no singular “government” position on anything, but everywhere else he is perceived as speaking for the government of Northern Ireland on environmental matters. And in that regard he is seen as uninformed, silly or naive, or all three.

  • I think yesterday’s switching on of the tidal turbine at full capacity in Strangford demonstrates the immense potential this island has to be a world leader in renewable energy – all we need is the political will, more research and development, and a planning process for renewables (PPS18) which will incentivise businesses/local consortiums to get involved in this industry

    The trouble is that requires leadership, which we have seen to an extent in Scotland, but Sammy Wilson has yet to demonstrate that he has the ability to show leadership within his department. If he did we could easily cash in on a green economy which has the potential to create a significant amont of employment here, and mitigate the possiblity of finite resources – such as oil and gas – having a negative impact on the economy and ultimately people’s homes.

  • 6countyprod

    Sammy is well ahead of the game. Global Warmism is turning out to be the biggest scientific fraud of the past decade. It is a huge con, but thankfully, some folks, even in the media*, are starting to notice the discrepancies and falsehoods. It was fun the other day watching Peter Sissons (I think it was) on BBC News 24 skewer a Green Party MEP on the subject. She didn’t know what hit her. Al Goracle is a first class deceiver who has succeeded in fooling many people. But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

    I find it very interesting and enlightening that very few media outlets have picked up on the recent declaration by over 650 international scientists which challenges man-made global warming claims made by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Gore. (There are tons of links here for those wishing to hear another side of the so-far one-sided story)

    Ed Morrissey, formerly of Captain’s Quarters summarises the media’s, in particular AP’s global warming cheerleading well.
    … When the AP produces propaganda rather than reporting, it gets distributed to thousands of publications around the world. Unfortunately, the rebuttals don’t get that kind of distribution, and the lies and propaganda get accepted as truth.

    Unfortunately, that’s been the history of the global-warming cult over the last decade. They accept no challenges, demonize those who question their science, scoff at contradictory data (such as the fact that temperatures have stopped rising), and insist on politicizing their science rather than work from facts. The AP has become the cult’s propaganda arm.

    It is obviously going to take many people a while to recognise the folly of their way, and some will refuse to ever acknowledge that they were wrong, but global warming is a myth, and Sammy is wide awake to it.

    (* although most journalists are still in la la land.)