Safety first?

The BBC report on the leaked letter from Northern Ireland Sports Minister Gregory Campbell to the Assembly Committee should probably be viewed in light of the option of spending public funds somewhere other than the Maze stadium project. But where’s the argument about spending public funds on safety issues in what are essentially private, rather than public, business interests? And shouldn’t “implemented fully” actually read “enforced fully”? From the BBC report

In the letter Mr Campbell lists venues which he has been told do not meet safety criteria by varying degrees. He said it was every soccer venue in the top two tiers of the Irish League, all six county GAA grounds and also rugby’s Ravenhill. Mr Campbell wrote his letter last month to Stormont’s Culture, Arts and Leisure committee which discussed stadium safety on Thursday.

Assembly members of the committee spent about two hours hearing from government sports officials, asking them why legislation on ground safety introduced here in 2006 still has not been implemented fully. Committee chairman Barry McElduff claimed the government had lacked urgency in dealing with the issue.