UUP Live blog – introduction

The agenda item of celebrating successful women has just finished. David Campbell is now introducing the tribute to HM Armed Forces, which will be followed at 11:30 by speeches by Jim Nicholson and his election agent Tom Elliott. Then at 11:50 David Cameron, who is now upstairs doing interviews, will deliver his speech.Tom Elliott –

If we don’t get out vote out we’ve only ourselves to blame

Jim Nicholson is very well respected but that’s no use if we don’t get him elected

Jim Nicholson –

Ulster Unionist seat being defended, not Jim Nicholson’s seat

Allied with the COnservatives in 1999 because we share the same ideals and principles. We want to work with Europe, and not be run by Europe

If all you’re interested in is topping the poll that says more about you than what you stand for. That’s not me that’s not us.

DUP a divided and damaged party. Media got Dromore wrong and haven’t recovered from the shock.

I have to ask Jeffrey and Arlene, what was it all about? The trips to the Waterfront hall so that they can now sit around a cabinet table with 5 SF ministers.