UUP live blog – David Cameron

Seems like he’s on his way down, the already full room has nearly exhausted the standing room.

Cameron – link with UUP is in my selfish, strategic interest.

I will never be a neutral when it comes to support for the Union

Chekov has some initial thoughts. The text of the speech is now available.Jim Nicholson winding up now.

I think he’s popular

Points out that today is the third anniversary of his election as Conservative leader. Can’t th think nk of a better way of moving the Conservative Party Forward than with this link with the UUP.

Why is this a good idea? Why not focus on building a base in England? I reject the concept of no go areas for Conservatives. Conservatives and Unionists better together than apart.

I have never been a little englander, we’re better off together. We bring our strengths together.

Standing up for the union is a rational argument based on mutual interests. Together we are listened to in a way other countries can only dream of. Together we have the British military, one of the most respected in the world.

I’m here today for the Union, for democracy, and for the Ulster Unionist Party

I believe in devolution head heart and soul. I may be many things but a control freak isn’t one of them

I used to write and get paid, now I read and don’t.

Former UUP staffer, currently living in London. @mjshilliday