UUP live blog – David Cameron

Seems like he’s on his way down, the already full room has nearly exhausted the standing room.

Cameron – link with UUP is in my selfish, strategic interest.

I will never be a neutral when it comes to support for the Union

Chekov has some initial thoughts. The text of the speech is now available.Jim Nicholson winding up now.

I think he’s popular

Points out that today is the third anniversary of his election as Conservative leader. Can’t th think nk of a better way of moving the Conservative Party Forward than with this link with the UUP.

Why is this a good idea? Why not focus on building a base in England? I reject the concept of no go areas for Conservatives. Conservatives and Unionists better together than apart.

I have never been a little englander, we’re better off together. We bring our strengths together.

Standing up for the union is a rational argument based on mutual interests. Together we are listened to in a way other countries can only dream of. Together we have the British military, one of the most respected in the world.

I’m here today for the Union, for democracy, and for the Ulster Unionist Party

I believe in devolution head heart and soul. I may be many things but a control freak isn’t one of them

I used to write and get paid, now I read and don’t.

Former UUP staffer, currently living in London. @mjshilliday

  • Dave

    “I have never been a little englander, we’re better off together. ”

    You’re certainly better off leeching off the more prosperous English nation but where is the evidence that the benefit is mutual?

  • This is either a very trivial event, no more than a photo-op, or it is (for good or ill) a new departure. Fortunately, nobody is paying me to make predictions.

    Except …

    Yesterday’s Irish Times had a summative piece by Gerry Moriarty (who is paid on the above basis).

    Moriarty has Owen Patterson (Cameron’s representative on this bit of Earth) reported thus:

    He isn’t concerned about how [putting up candidates in every constituency] would play with the DUP in the event of both Cameron and Brown needing Robinson’s votes to form a government. He knows it probably would boil down to the highest bidder.

    To me, that may be a fair appraisal of the reliability of NI politicos of any shade, but it smacks of cynicism of an advanced kind. It ignores, for example, the DUP’s ability to see around the next corner. And, in that hypothetical hung parliament, everyone is looking at a re-run election within 12-18 months.

    Meanwhile, hush-a-while: see if you can detect the smothered sniggers of the self-basting Salmond, and the sucking of teeth behind the pursed lips of Annabel Goldie.

  • Taff

    What a pity!

    Now that Cameron has declared himself a unionist he’s lost my vote.

  • We are, as Owen Patterson would have us believe, witnessing the creation of

    a new, non-sectarian political dynamic in Northern politics.

    In the context of the “700-strong” rump of the UUP it poses the inevitable question: is youse or is youse not a Prod non-sectarian political dynamic?

  • frustrated democrat


    It is a fact that most unionists as you put ‘are prods’ so it will come as no surprise to you that most of the members and supporters will be prods, just as most supporters in England are probably C of E. That does not stop English Catholics from voting for the Conservatives there, nor should it stop Catholics from supporting them and what they are trying to do in NI.

    Religion should have no place in politics and most certainly has not in the Conservative Party and will hopefully at some stage in the future have none in Northern Ireland.

    So the answer to your question is ‘The new political dynamic is non sectarian in policies, however it will be supported by people of all religions and none’ It is up to you to decide if that makes it sectarian or not according to your definition, for me it is not a question that is uppermost in my political thinking.