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According to Policing Board research confidence in the PSNI has never been higher.

“Eighty six per cent of respondents have some, a lot or total confidence in the PSNI’s ability to provide a day-to-day policing service for everyone in Northern Ireland,”

According to the ICR, confidence in the policing in working class loyalist communities is at an all-time low and there is a risk of crisis of expectation in nationalist communities.

“Political events along with the policing of parades have compounded the sense of community alienation with the PSNI which for many has been ignored at a political level with the continued focus on republican communities.”
“There is a currently is a ‘honeymoon’ period involving the PSNI and the republican community. However, it was apparent that at some stage, if the community’s expectations are not being met and concerns continue around the service delivery of policing, then the honeymoon period could end.”

  • willis

    So 14% are working class Loyalists……

  • ranger1640

    Bollocks the PSNI are at best amateur at worst inept.

    If you’re a motorist you have a good chance of getting that fine you always not wanted!

    But as for the rest I they have done their individual risk assessments and feel its do dangerous to continue!

  • heck

    According to Policing Board research confidence in the PSNI has never been higher

    come on fair deal wise up!

    how about
    According to real estate research confidence in the housing market has never been higher

    According to nazi party research confidence in the third reich has never been higher

    you are grasping at straws to reinforce your opinions

  • veritas

    I remember when the “voters” of the former communist Eastern European states use to gave their rulers 99.999999% of the vote…

    then I reflected on the surveys citybus and ulsterbus were festooned with giving their services 98.9999999

    then we have the policing board releasing their figures!

    Next week the newsletter is printing a survey that 99.99999% of Catholics would rather remain British!

  • fair_deal



    “you are grasping at straws to reinforce your opinions”

    I am not a fan of either the PSNI nor the policing board so you have jumped to a false conclusion based on your own preconceptions. Better luck next time.

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    only 22% at the minute, but hopefully that will grow:

  • Bmac

    I hope the police do a better job at policing than you do at communicating. Care to clarify?

  • Bmac

    How about – slugger poster has balanced view?
    No, thought not 🙂