“It’s a very high-risk gamble..”

Here’s one to watch out for. BBC Europe editor Mark Mardell has a prediction.

My prediction is that next week the Irish government will announce that it will ask the Irish people to vote again on the Lisbon Treaty in a new referendum next autumn.

The Irish prime minister is on a whistle-stop tour of Europe – first Luxembourg, then Germany, London on Thursday then a quick trip to Paris on Friday. While he does the major players, his Europe minister is visiting the capitals of the smaller countries. (Luxembourg may be a tiny country but Jean-Claude Juncker is a big player, on account of his political longevity and his role leading the eurozone countries.)

What they are hammering out is the outline of a deal to put to next week’s European Council. They are looking for something that would allow them to say this is not holding the same vote all over again.