“Used to be Boomtown, now it’s just a ruined town…”

Great satire for Bertie, Fianna Fail etc… play it in high quality… very good… Thanks to Red Mum for the heads up

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  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    B…B…Bring back Bertie!

  • picador

    Not relevant to this thread (sorry!) but I was wondering where all the nationalist-orientated bloggers have disappeared to of late.

    After all there’s been lots to discuss:
    – the Rosemary Nelson enquiry
    – an alleged loyalist attempt to kill Conor Murphy
    – the demise of a high-profile loyalist paramilitary

  • Rory

    Strangely compelling. Not quite a Rita Hayworth dance routine but yet….

  • Mick Fealty

    We’ve done three… but not the first two…

    Of the two, I will probably do something on the Nelson enquiry… there’s some particularly controversial lines of questioning going on there…

    Conor’s death threat, well… Happy for someone to do it, but to be frank… I’m very wary of that kind of story emanating directly from the politician himself…

  • USA

    Truth be told, that all got fed up with Peter Baker’s shite talk and went elsewhere.