If this works on a Blackberry, I’ll be amazed.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Oh, it does! Coolio.

  • Harry Flashman

    Along with iPods I have to admit I haven’t a clue what a Blackberry does or how it works, I wish I wasn’t so pre-historic.

  • skinbop

    Harry – a blackberry is simply a device (like a phone) that allows you to transmit and receive phone calls, SMS, email and also surfing the internet. Its not that complicated – is it?

  • McGrath

    On occasions, I have been commenting on Slugger since June 2007 using an iPhone. Surely there are others who have been posting with other media devices. Surely Gonzo is behind the curve?

  • willis

    Let’s test how complicated this is.

    Can a Blackberry provide full functionality on GSM or does it require 3G?

    It ain’t your understanding of technology that is pre-historic Harry.

  • willis – the majority of Blackberry handsets (can’t speak for the very recent ones) rely on GPRS (kind of 2.5G) and not 3G.

  • The pages are very looooong on the not-so-wide blackberry screen – at least on my old 7730.

    Comment posted from BB.

  • DK

    Has anyone posted using their Wii?

  • This is a test post, did it work guys?

    **this message was sent from keith’s Toaster 2.0**

  • I occasionally check new threads, although never comment, on a bog standard Nokia 6300.

  • Rory

    Alas, Harry, gone are the days when in reply to your, “And what shall we do today, kids?”, the kids reply, “Let’s go Blackberry picking, grandad!”. Then, armed with with wicker baskets and tins, you all headed off for hours of innocent and inexpensive fun in a brambly wood.

    Now it’s off the the shopping precinct armed with plastic and a deep sense of foreboding.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    While that little experiment worked, I still don’t know how to get the links working without a great deal of effort. Is it possible to open multiple browser windows on a Storm? Even my PSP can manage that.

  • Blackberry Bold (9000) supports 3G/HSPA

  • Harry Flashman

    “Now it’s off the the shopping precinct armed with plastic and a deep sense of foreboding.”

    I suspect Rory that in real life we have a lot more in common than we do here on Slugger.

  • Greenflag

    rory & harry flashman ,

    ‘Blackberry pickers of the world unite -you have nothing to lose but your thorns ‘

    There is a happy land far far away
    Where you get blackberry jam
    Three times a day πŸ™‚

    A large dollop of hot blackberry jam straight from the pot onto a thick slice of fresh batch loaf Brennans bread smothered in butter, and then covered with another slice of batch loaf and padded down until the blackberry juice has been absorbed into the bread . LIft slowly to gob without spilling and chomp down . Heaven πŸ™‚

    The next best thing in life to a medium rare char broiled sirloin washed down with a Bordeaux πŸ™‚

    What was that you were saying Gonzo ?

    Harry Flash

    ‘I wish I wasn’t so pre-historic.’

    So do I (wish you were’nt πŸ˜‰

    Not to worry – Your time may be at hand πŸ™‚ I read they’re bringing back the Mammoth via DNA sequencing and cloning . Won’t be long before you can go hunting again just like those rugged individuals and hunters of the Upper or was it Lower Paleolithic πŸ˜‰ Now those folks could afford small government .

  • Dewi

    GF – You have finally flipped. Mammoths, blackberry jam, Sirloins & Bordeaux…

  • Dewi

    “**this message was sent from keith’s Toaster 2.0** ”

    That was cool Keith (replying via the microwave…)

  • Ri Na Deise

    Regularly post on Sony Ericssonn K610i. Opera Mini browser helps.

  • Forecast

    Though I do think there should be a ‘mobile’ friendly page, as there are just too many images and links etc when I use my BB8310 so I never bother with Slugger ‘on the move’, so to speak.