President recognises the court but it doesn’t recognise him (Tele joins in)

The Belfast Telegraph is reporting the Czech Constituitional Court has delayed its decision on the legality of the Lisbon Treaty until tomorrow pending arguments from President Václav Havel.

The Czech Constitutional Court has delayed its verdict on whether the Lisbon Treaty conforms to the country’s constitution. The court was expected to deliver a ruling today, but will now return to the issue tomorrow pending arguments against the treaty from Czech President Vaclav Havel.

The Czech Government supports the document, but Mr Havel is an avowed Eurosceptic. If the court rules in favour of the treaty, it would leave Ireland in an increasingly isolated position among the EU member states.

Many won’t notice or care about their error, especially as Court Chairman Pavel Rychetsky also forgot Havel hasn’t been President since 2003.

Note: Havel is not a Eurosceptic and the Czech President is Václav Klaus.

UPDATE the Court has found the Treaty would be compatible with the Czech constitution. The process of ratification can now continue but is not 100% guaranteed.

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