Twittering the PBR from 3pm…

A big day for the government today… I’ll be Twittering it… Over at Brassneck, I’ve blogged a few collected thoughts on the PBR, and more extended thoughts on how the longer game is going from Friday… There is a school of thought that the Chancellor would be better advised sitting on his hands on fiscal measures and let his monetary agencies, the Old Lady and the FSA do what has to be done and preparing government for a rough ride… Andrew Haldenby over at the Telegraph, for instance…

The defining issue of this Pre-Budget Report is the level of government borrowing, which is higher than anyone expected it to be. Our estimate of the government’s long-term structural deficit (i.e. ignoring the ups and downs of the economic cycle) is £100 billion, or £4,000 for every family in the UK. Above all else the Government should be trying to get this number down. Instead it will increase.

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  • Ah, I’m with you, let get the banks and the City of London to carry on doing the very same work that got us into this mess. Great advice.

    Forget all the froth, what the arguments boil-down to are these the city having regained its feet, through the media bosses and the Tories are demanding that it is the economically poor and those on incomes of less than approx. 40K who must pay the price for the economic crises.

    After all that is how such things have always been done. (cut benefits, trim the welfare state to the bone, eduction, health, benefits, etc}

    Of course the wealthy can afford to live off their fat, and by george they have gorged themselves this time around. The Cameron Tories have exposed themselves in their true colors, nasty upper class assholes who serve their own class interests.

    But hey, lets worry about the balance of payments not the elderly dyeing of cold, why bother if we shut a few hospitals, it is only the old folk who fill then in the winter, as to education, that underclass has no need of it, as they will be in prison by the age of ten.

    God what a wretched bunch of hypocrites. By the way what happened to those nice green and liberal tories we heard so much about? One only has to listen to the continuos wine come from the media and tories about the general public over borrowing on their credit cards etc to understand they are up to no good, yet there is no real evidence of this yet, it is simply the rich playing the blame game.

    I suppose you might just be able to forgive the bastards if their strategy was workable, [no lets not ] But history has surly taught us that if we go down this road the only people who will come out of this smelling of roses and with their pockets stuffed with cash will be the very people who created this mess, oh, and their gofers of course.

    You know, people like the Bankers and their pals in the city, but that is where I came in.