“likely to further encourage shoppers in the Republic..”

Given the weekend briefings I’m sure, as with immigration policy, that the Republic of Ireland’s government were already aware of today’s announcements in the UK government’s pre-budget report. RTÉ mentions the tax-exemption on foreign dividends but the iol report identifies another area with potential implications for Ireland. [But it’s patriotic to buy Irish! – Ed] Indeed. Adds BBC report. More from RTÉ – “ultimate act of patriotic sabotage.”

The tax [VAT] reduction, set to be introduced on December 1, is likely to further encourage shoppers in the Republic to make to journey North in an effort to save money on their Christmas shopping.

And the RTÉ report also notes

It coincides with the introduction of a 0.5% increase in VAT in Ireland. The Government announced in October’s Budget that the rate would go up from 21% to 21.5%.