“a party that aspires to offer all voters the chance to vote for it should not step aside”

Tory blogger Tom Roll-Pickering has his own view on who should stand where at the next general election.

At the end of the day any party has the right to stand wherever it likes (and can get nominated) and equally has the right to not stand. Seats belong to one, and only one, group of people – the voters of those seats. By all means parties can choose where to deploy candidates, but a party that aspires to offer all voters the chance to vote for it should not step aside, especially for a party that is elsewhere trying to exterminate it.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    I cant believe that Posh Boy David Cameron has thought this through properly. There are going to be members of his new party voting in councils on all sorts of overtly sectarian stuff and marching up and down in all sorts of sectarian marches. The mainland British will have no stomach for this type of dreadful religious intolerance and having a quick look at posh boy Tom Roll-Pickering (what a great name) website it looks as if he has not a fecking clue of the realities of Norn Iron. This is going to be brilliant fun not to mention damaging to both sides.

  • frustrated democrat


    You appear not to have a clue about what the new pact means – all candidates will have to be selected by a joint committee who will ensure that only suitable people can stand, in the case of the UUP there are few extremists in post, unlike other parties I could mention!

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    frustrated democrat

    What about all the councillors who are in post? For example what about those UU councillors who recently voted not to give the freedom the town to the priest who had been hounded out of Bally-something-or-other.

    It is inconcievable that any Posh Tory could afford to be seen wearing Orange regalia alongside UU members. Mainland Englezes (rightly) see Orange marches as antiquated and a major contributor to poor community relations and the Tories are now going to align themselves with the UU who fully support them. This will give birth to multiple self inflicted problems to people from both parties.

    But not being a supporter of the either the UU or the Tories – I have to say I’m all in favour. lol

  • aquifer

    I’m sorry, but is it clear yet that the death embrace of the Orange factions and Ulster ‘Unionism’ has been broken? For if it has not been broken, the conservatives will be dragged into the sectarian ditch at every and any turn. And we already know that irish sectarian separatist ‘republicans’ are very good at staging turns.

    There was never any evidence that ‘Unionists’ understood the difference between politics and wishful thinking. Equating abstract reasoning with a failure to fight Sinn Fein (on SF’s chosen battlegrounds), they end up practicing ‘Onionism’. Anyone looking for their message ends up peeling off their thin skins, finding only more layers of white bile, fit only for throwing into a stew.
    A power sharing executive is where they belong.

    Being unable to vote for the people who govern them at Westminster is an affront, but some people are more comfortable feeling affronted, aloof from considering the implications of their semi-detached provincial UK status.

    When the GFA articulates and defends their status better than the Ulster Unionist Party or DUP, ulster protestants had best vote SDLP to look after their security and their economic interests.

    The border vote can determine if the Union has value, without it being sold down at every election by parties who show clearly, and in a bad way, how we differ from Britain.

  • Expect Mr Tim Roll-Pickering to be the Conservative candidate for Belfast West.

  • frustrated democrat


    The number of councillors will fall significantly in the next election so I don’t see a problem, anyway as I understand it they are not as yet part of the agreement.

    In Limavady I couldn’t see what the minister had done to deserve the freedom of the borough which is normally given for a lifetime of service not a few meetings across the divide. This of course does not in anyway condone what happened to him in the past but I see the two things as completely exclusive of each other.

  • Manfarang – it’s a nice suggestion (and as most of my exes have come from one part of West Belfast or another I could at least produce a “local connection” that is stronger than can be found by some candidates in some seats) but I have no parliamentary ambitions and am not be prepared to stand for anything unless I am fully willing, able and available to do the job if elected, no matter how unlikely the latter may seem.

  • Tim Roll
    In the light of the “merger” you could at least join LOL 779 to get the feel of things!