One source

Some detail on policing and justice proposals (single source):
Justice minister by cross-community vote with a sunset clause May 2012 (by my reckoning this potentially covers the present and next term of the assembly). It will then be part of the general review of all the assembly’s systems (which includes D’hondt). Extract from letter below.
The Judicial Appointments Commission will appoint and remove judges (not OFM/DFM)
A process paper on the legislation needed at Westminster and the Assembly but no time scale (with references to public consultation and securing public confidence).

Sunset clause:

“The following arrangements would be subject to a sunset clause which would bring them to an end not later than May 2012. Following a period of operation they would be reviewed in light of the experience. Permanent arrangements would then be put in place by 2012. There would be no fall-back arrangements in place and there would therefore be a necessity for the parties to agree a way forward by this time.”

CONFIRMED The Executive is to meet on Thursday and weekly after that to clear the backlog. UPDATE Further confirmation of the details here, the process will involve the appointment of an Attorney General for Northern Ireland, with the likely candidate John Larkin QC.