Ganley’s Czech mate

During his visit to Ireland Czech President Vaclav Klaus had dinner with ‘No’ campaigners and held a joint press conference with Libertas chief Declan Ganley. The Czechs have not ratified the Lisbon Treaty and Klaus previously declared ratification must stop. He will be heading up the next Presidency of the Council of the EU commencing in January.

He is quoted as lamenting the loss of freedom and democracy through EU supra nationalism:

“Because of our communist past we Czechs are sensitive to the idea of freedom and democracy, and perhaps over-sensitive when we see some ways of constraining democracy.”

and he seems to have words of support for the electoral ambitions of Libertas and their pan-European party idea which Ganley sees as a method of holding a Europe wide referendum on Lisbon:

“But if Mr Ganley wins the European elections I will be the first one to congratulate him.”

This has all caused a storm of protest from some pro-treaty forces.

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