One of disappeared possibly found

The appalling nightmare for the family of one of the disappeared may be coming towards an end today with the possibility that Danny McIlhone’s body may have been found. Mr. McIlhone was murdered in 1981 at the age of 19. Gerry Adams has issued the following statement:

“The apparent discovery of Danny McIlhone’s remains will come as a great relief for his family. It is also evidence that republicans continue to work diligently on this important issue.
It will also be an encouragement to the other families who are still hoping that the remains of their loved ones will be found. I hope that the McIlhone family will now get the closure they deserve.”

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Turgon, a chara, I remember another McElhone.August 7th 1974 – just before you mount your high moral horse.

  • slug

    Forgive this question which might seem crass.

    But is this part of building “confidence in the community”, part of the choreography?

  • slug

    My comment above (2) is prompted by the question: why now?

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Such cynicism and in one so young.

  • iluvni

    So, how many bodies does that leave Sinn fein to bargain with?

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Aren’t you mixing up Sinn Féin and the IRA? And don’t you know what a síneadh fada is?

  • Hopefully those murdered and secretly buried by Sinn Fein/IRA can finally be given a christian burial by their families.

    Maybe it is a coincidence that Nelson McCausland highlighted the allegations made by Ed Moloney that Gerry Adams played crucial role in the setting up the IRA unit that dealt out these deaths.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    ignited,Aren’t you mixing up Sinn Féin and the IRA? And don’t you know what a síneadh fada is?

    Posted by Pancho’s Horse on Nov 11, 2008 @ 12:40 AM

  • Panch,

    No, Sinn Fein and the IRA have always been like a horse and a cart (and what a membership overlap if you are claiming otherwise!). I was never good at foreign languages, but no doubt you will enlighten me.

  • William

    The grisly one, Adams has to stick his oar in with a patronising statement….when he as a former Chief of Staff was responsible for many of the disappeared, e.g. Jean McConville and our Deputy Prime Minister McGuinness who was responsible for numerous deaths, Frankie Hegarty coming to mind….promised Hegarty’s 82 year old Mother that he would be ok if he came back from England, only for Frankie to end up on the Castlederg border shot in the back of the head.

    It is wonderful news for this family, but it’s little thanks to Adams, McGuiness and the rest of the terrorists that the body has been found.


  • Pancho’s Horse

    Hello Fada, Hello Muda, …….síneadh fada…Pancho’s Horse is madda

  • Pancho’s Horse

    I have yet to meet a loyalist with a sense of humour ……

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Ignited, the Irish Gaelic alphabet has 10 vowels viz. a,e,i,o u and á,é,í,ó,ú. The accent above the vowel is called a ‘síneadh fada’ or ‘long stroke’ and just means that the vowel is stretched or accented. It is important because a word like ‘fear’ with no accent means ‘man’ and ‘féar’ with an accent means ‘grass’. So Sinn Fein is gibberish and ‘Sinn Féin’ means ‘we ourselves’. And never ever pronounce it Sin Finn, please.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    …… and there’s nothing so ill mannered as someone who posts a topic and then goes to bed!

  • edward

    no matter what positive things we hear all we ever get is whataboutery

    what about the poor irish sent to their cold graves by the forces of evil that wore official uniforms?

    theres me in, come on you sad bastards go me one better

  • Pancho’s Horse

    There’s no call for that.

  • I find the apparent finding of Danny McElhone’s body – a youth killed after being caught trying to steal weapons and trying to escape – as just an excuse to expand the divisions that Nelson McCausland is creating by talking about Gerry Adams’ alleged creation and use of “the unknowns”, and how he behaved in the execution and burial of Jean McConville, what is just pure speculation by Ed Moloney ín A Secret History of the IRA, contemptible.

    If Unionists can never treat anything regarding The Troubles and republicans as understandable and unfortunate, there will never be peace in the God-forsaken place.

  • Dave

    The flaw in your theory, Trow, is that Gardai have been searching in that area for two years. I do not beleive that they would have withheld his exact whereabouts for such a purpose. It seems that it is only partial remains, so that means that his body lay elsewhere and was moved to where it was located (assuming it is the young man).

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    ‘It is also evidence that republicans continue to work diligently on this important issue.’

    AH, aren’t the lads in the Ra great Gerry – decades later letting the familiy know where it left the body – give them all a medal…


  • William

    Trowbridge, you are like your hero Adams….sticking your oar in with an obscene comment….why don’t you jut say you supported the IRA and all that they did during the 35 years of murder and mayhem…Adams was a full blown senior Provo and has many innocent people’s blood on his hands. In another era, he would have been on trial like the Nazis at Nuremberg and hanged for his crimes.

    Does it ever occur to you that even today, the authorities are seeking out Nazis, and that some have been captured and convicted over the past twenty /thirty years, yet in Northern Ireland, we elevate Sinn Fein / IRA murderers to the status of ‘statesmen’ and give them political office, McGuinness being an example.
    Having an ‘electoral mandate’ is the reason given for Sinn Fein / IRA being in Government in Northern Ireland; didn’t Hitler in Germany during the thirties also have an electoral mandate?

  • ciaran

    Things must be getting bad william when you have reverted to comparing the nazis and sinn fein. And as for gerry and the ira , well two recent threads have gotten nowhere on that one. Still get tne bile out of your system, better out than in.

  • Dec

    Since Godwin’s Law was invoked three times in that last offering, can we declare this thread ‘vollendet’?

  • mick cooper

    I think its interesting that the “dissapeared” are only those from within the Nationalist community of which the IRA were guilty, strange that Robert Niarac,Seamus Ruddy and Lisa Dorrian are not considered dissapeared, no political gain from their return I suppose, is it about the familys or the politics ?

    I would hope that all those missing are found to give their familys the chance to bury them as they wish, but I do wish the political bouncing of this particular football was as much to do with the familys as it is to do with attacking one side.



  • mick cooper

    I think you who hasn’t the balls to put your name to your post, need to wise up, the Dorrian family have as much right to bury their loved one as anyone else, as does the Nairac family and the Ruddy family, now if you have a problem with that, you need to seek help !

    The familys of those missing are being used as political pawns, like it or not, and let me say this I condemn without reservation the goulish behaviour of killing someone and burying their body to prevent their families from giving them a decent burial, bad enough to murder but to steal the body magnifies that death.

  • William


    I most certainly will compare Sinn Fein / IRA to the Nazis….both are Facisist organisations, involved in street demonstrations, targetted certain groups e.g. Protestants, suppliers to the military and Police and murdered them in their homes, beds, took people away in the dead of night, blew up buildings, murdered people, shot members of the Army, Police, sought to ethnic cleanse areas around the border of the indigenous Protestant population.

    The only thing Sinn Fein / IRA didn’t do was create concentration camps and the adjoining gas chambers.

    So there you see Ciaran, if your green tinted specs aren’t too steamed up with Republican bigotry.

  • percy

    FFS pancho, stop taking the piss by using this thread to talk about fadas.
    I’m happy for the family today.

  • picador

    I’ll be happier for the family when they find the rest of the body. One foot does not a coffin fill.

    Some of the comments posted on this thread are … not worth commenting on.

    Fadas! Nazis! Whatever next? Grieving families perhaps?

  • ciaran

    Willaim, catch yourself on, comparing sinn fein to nazis isn’t goihg to work no matter how you try to spin it.Nothing they have done compares to what the nazis did, even you with your bitter twisted view should be able to see that. Yes the IRA are guilty of some terrible crimes, I would never try to deny that, but really, that is too much.As for your concentration camps and gas chamber remarks, maybe you should look closer to home on that one(george seawright).

  • RepublicanStones

    Good to see the family gettin a bit of closure perhaps. But maybe its just serves to give them something or somewhere to grieve over. Who knows….

  • Reader

    ciaran: As for your concentration camps and gas chamber remarks, maybe you should look closer to home on that one(george seawright)
    And yet, in the case of George Seawright, who did the talking and who did the killing? So who was worse?

  • mick cooper

    Who was worse themins or us ! Unbelievable !

  • Paul McMahon

    “And yet, in the case of George Seawright, who did the talking and who did the killing?”

    Geordie boy did a fair amount of nakedly sectarian talking and the paramilitary group that he belonged to, the UVF, did a fair amount of nakedly sectarian killings.

    Hope that the McIlhone family will find some measure of closure 27 years after this barbaric act.

  • ciaran

    I seem to remember george putting his gun into the face of a security man who was trying to stop him trespassing. Maybe he was killed before he got to kill anyone.

  • Reader

    ciaran: Maybe he was killed before he got to kill anyone.
    Is this approval of pre-emptive ‘shoot to kill’ from a republican?
    In your opinion, was the killing of George Seawright a murder?

  • ciaran

    Reader, Hardly approval. Yes it was murder and it was more of an opinion that given his statements and actions that maybe he would have escalated to murder, but was murdered before that happened.