The broad brush of the IMC. Well, for republicans.

As noted by Pete the IMC submitted its 20th report today. Their decision to yet again include a section on éirígí

2.7 In our Twelfth and Thirteenth Reports we referred to éirígí, which we described as a small political grouping based on revolutionary socialist principles7. The grouping remains a political one with a focus on aggressive protest activities. We have no information to suggest that it is involved in paramilitary activity.

seems well beyond their remit:

(a) monitoring activity by paramilitary groups,
(b) monitoring security normalisation, and
(c) reporting on claims relating to commitment to the observing of terms of the pledge of office set out in Schedule 4 to the Northern Ireland Act 1998 (c. 47).

And if they are now routinely reporting on all groups that reject the Belfast Agreement I wonder will Mr Allister’s TUV be gracing the pages of an IMC report soon? Though the IMC’s position may be guided by or leading to claims of a new hardline PSNI attitude towards éirígí.