“That’s a cop-out..”

On Sunday, while some paraded, and others protested, the families of those abducted, murdered, and secretly buried by the Provisional IRA and others held a small service at Stormont. In the Northern Ireland Assembly today MLAs debated a motion calling on any individual or organisation with information to bring it forward. During the debate the DUP’s Nelson McCausland outlined his view of Gerry Adams’ role in the disappearances – “human rights violation[s]” for which immunity was sought, and granted, during The Process™ – a role which Adams denied [see below the fold]. Back in the Stormont Live studio SDLP MLA Dominic Bradley and Ann Morgan, sister of Seamus Ruddy, gave their views on the debate.

The DUP’s Nelson McCausland and Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams in the Northern Ireland Assembly – with an attempted point of order from SF’s John O’Dowd.

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  • William

    I have just viewed the speech of Nelson McCausland with which I agree 100%….Adams has a lot to answer for…..However, what struck me most was the body language of Adams when he commenced his speech….the interchange of the hands into the left and right pockets was a sure sign of unsease and to me confirms that he was lying when he briefly rejected what ‘the member for wes, north Belfast’ said.

    I recall when I worked as a Journalist on a local paper sitting at a meeting of a local authority and a Unionist proposed a motion calling for an Public Inquiry into Father James Chesney’s involvement in the Claudy bombing…..the Sinn Fein / IRA chair of the meeting has the audacity to second the proposal but the body language of her husband was remarkable….moving from cheek to cheeck in his seat….needless to say, he spent sometime in the clink answering a few questions on the affair.
    Adams displayed a similar trait to another bearded Shinner…..both looked as guilty as sin….ah the Francie and Gerry Show

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    The hyprocrisy of SF is overwhelming…

  • cynic

    But that’s part of the deal we all signed up to……. that those who murdered and who sent them out to murder would be rehabilitated and brought into the system. e all need to face up to that. However, what is galling are the implausible denials.

    “What did you do in the war Daddy?”

    “Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I wasn’t there. Honest.”

  • bona fide

    By all accounts Nelson McCausland was asked to leave the Chamber this morning…interesting to see how that pans out. Someone up in the Assembly must be able to shed some light on what’s being said on the rumour mill??

  • graduate

    I think Nelson’s speech was very good and well-rounded. Yes, I know that could be seen as cheering on my guy, but it’s not always that we get good speeches by politicians here.
    I’m also inclined to agree with William, gerry Adams looks dead shifty. Indeed, when kids start to look like that I know for sure they’re up to something they shouldn’t be( or lying through their teeth)
    Bona Fide Nelson was suspended this am. Gregory Campbell was kind enough to tell him that one doesn’t always receive this kind of notoriety so Nelson should enjoy it while it lasts

  • ciaran

    There is nothing in Gerry’s demeanour to suggest he is lying, and maybe as a sixty year old the only discomfort he is showing is the result of having to sit for a long time.
    I remember two or three weeks ago watching Health Minister Michael McGimpsey make a speech and answer questions and he was a hell of a lot more shifty than gerry adams was.So what does that say about him?
    As for nelson, he is talking crap. If he can prove his claims then let him repeat them outside of the safety of stormont. But I suspect he is too big a coward to do that.

  • Mick Fealty

    Trans: ‘an fear Amaideach sin’. “That idiot over there.”

  • ciaran

    sounds like a good description mick.