“one party is refusing to allow that Executive to meet..”

A more relaxed Peter Robinson, than the one encountered by Noel Thompson, interviewed by BBC NI Politics Show presenter Jim Fitzpatrick at the DUP conference.

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  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    From a body language point of view – he looks tired and like a man under severe pressure. Clearly unhappy and shifty when discssusing DUP movement on Police. But the ‘package of measures in a few weeks time’ which will deal with the issue interestingly seemed to relegate ‘confidence of the wider community’ below organaising the finance. Amusingly the threatened ‘serious consequences’ seemed to have disappeared as the political reality about being able to do feck all about SF’s tactics have sunk in.

    Prediciton:Deal within a month.

  • Modernist

    I tend to agree Sammy. Wee Peetie looks worn out. I think a holiday might do him the world of good. The contacts don’t help his demeanor as a leader (who likes to look tough) of a right wing political party. He looks like a broken man (I say looks like not that he is). Doesn’t seem like the DUP are going anywhere with their knuckle dragging though. They’ve backed themselves into a corner especially with his words of defiance at his part conference. Dunno about the deal. But I think logically a deal may be done mainly out of fear of increased Dublin involvement, but then again when has the unionist political leadership acted logically over the years. Then again the DUP are known to say one thing… leading their supporters up the garden path and do another. Their party structure with all the double and triple jobbing lends itself to it. Sure with a bit of rhetoric over a few months the plebs will swallow the party line. He now wants Sinn Féin in government is what he’s saying… seems a bit different to the old “we will not go into government with Sinn Féin” Ah well… as the red haired guy from the blame game said something along the lines of ‘Stormont was set up so they know where all the psychos are’.

  • Insider

    You wish!
    He has increased DUP support massively. Were you not at the City Hall when he paraded through the crowd. He was cheered every step of the way? It is obvious what his first mission is. He is drawing back the support Paisley lost with his Chuckle Bros routine.
    As for the ‘serious consequences’ issue – he has a watertight legal case against SF if he decided to move. He is sucking negotiating with SF while the threat hangs over them. Good tactics, I would have thought.