Fire at northwest cricket club probable arson

The pavillion at Burndennett CC near Strabane has been destroyed by fire overnight.

  • Rory

    While I really don’t care much for cricket I don’t think that I would feel that strongly about it nor can I imagine that anyone else could. Nasty.

  • Ri Na Deise

    A vile and reprehensible act. What will attacking community facilities ever achieve? Absolutely mindless.

  • If it was an act of setarian arson then the inteligience of the perpertrators must be in minus figures.
    I would urge people from all sides of the community to turn these morons in if they have any information más é tho heil é(please)

  • Greagoir O’ Frainclin

    The burning of the club was just blatant sectarianism, stemming from absolute ignorance and stupidity! What an appaling act of vandalism!

  • Gregory Carlin

    If it is only probable, it ain’t a crime,


  • CincinnatiDave

    This is a very sad day for all involved with Burndennet CC.

    Burndennet is a mixed community with a majority nationalist population. The two communities have had good relations even in the middle of the troubles. The local cricket team is a reflection of this & has always been mixed.

    Most folks in Northern Ireland have no idea just how popular cricket is in the rural parts of the Foyle valley where it thrives on passionate support from across the community in these tight-nit villages For most of my relatives from this part of the world cricket is their main sport.

    I hope they discover the scumbags who did this.