“expected to approve a new electoral pact..”

It’s mentioned as somewhat of an aside in Frank Millar’s Irish Times report, but it’ll be worth watching to see just what kind of electoral pact emerges.

Although some other recent polls have given the Conservatives a double-digit lead, yesterday’s findings – a week before the Glenrothes by-election in Scotland – will revive speculation about a possible hung parliament after the next general election. That will also spark interest in Northern Ireland, where the Ulster Unionist Party executive is next week expected to approve a new electoral pact with Mr Cameron.

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  • Needs to be more than an ‘electoral pact’ IMO. Certainly the original concept was not merely an electoral pact.

  • Well done Pete, you’ve managed to just beat Fair Deal to it- he’s been so prompt so far keeping us up to date with the various snippets of news which leaked out on this so far;)

    I agree with Chekov, an “electoral pact” is neither here nor there and will not go any way towards solving the main problems presently facing N.Irish Unionism. If all the talks, negotiations etc end in merely an “electoral pact”, it hardly seems worth all the time, effort put in by both parties, nor indeed the stress caused to poor Pootsie by having to cobble up all those hysterical press-releases.

  • Duncan Shipley Dalton

    Electoral pact sounds correct. Merger was never a serious option so how else should the relationship be described?

  • I was more optimistic when ‘realignment’ and ‘movement’ were terms being employed. ‘Pact’ to me suggests merely an agreement on the European elections.

  • Elvis Parker

    This is about creating what Sir Reg and David Cameron described as a ‘new political force’.
    I think Sir Reg has the bit between his teeth and is determined to lead his party in that direction.

  • Llamedos

    This is the most dynamic shift in Northern Irish politics. On the pro Union fully within the UK initiative it gives real traction to remove the vast majority of thinking people away from the old boring sectarian head counts, no more under the table deals and pointless electoral pacts. The three consultation meetings were an outstanding success; yes up 90% support and the North Down Focus groups highly supportive; even 80% of Dup voters want a Conservative Government. This and the YOU GOV POLL show the Watershed has at long last appeared in NI politics the big windshift is here. The way forward is for us all to stop being ultra Ulster nationalists with an insular mentality and to seize the initiative for the future. If it takes off well it will eventually no doubt lead to total unity; and for all of us regardless of class,creed, perceived nationality, rich or poor this is the way to a stable and prosperous Northern Ireland.

  • WhiteKnight

    Maybe worth pointing out that the UUP Executive is not meeting next week and that no proposals have emerged from the Joint Working Group as yet.

  • slug

    Good to see constructive and positive developments.

    Obviously the DUP-SF show cannot go on forever and at some point new thinking is needed. The UUP is the unionist party that can provide that thinking. It should involve a critique of the present institutions, a proposal for reform, backed by the Conservative and Unionist force.

  • Llamedos

    White Knight simple answer 6thNov Officers, 15th Nov Special Executive, 6th Dec Conference.