“believed to be linked to dissident republican activity..”

A number of controlled explosions have been carried out during a security alert in Twinbrook as the Army Bomb Disposal Squad [That would be the British Army? – Ed] dealt with several suspicious devices – including another one at St Colm’s High School.

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  • nevermindhilad

    yes baker, the same british army whose members made up and directed the glenanne gang

  • crow

    And now saving the citizens of twinbrook

  • Of course the army probably planted the bombs in the first place. Running the dissidents is a great wee hobby and keeps them on their toes.

  • chekov
    your probably right.

  • Yvette Doll

    Until the Royal Navy give up devil worship on Her Majesty’s ships, they can’t visit our schools.

    Unionists will have to understand, I don’t care about partition, I do care about Satan worship in the floating work place.

    CNN.com – Royal Navy to allow devil worship – Oct 24, 2004
    24 Oct 2004 … A devil-worshipping sailor in the Royal Navy has become the first registered Satanist in … Devil warship: Type 22 frigate, HMS Cumberland …

    The last one, had many ports closed to her, mostly foreign ports with a dim view of Satan, and Catholicism had to ‘cleanse’ the situation, the Anglicans can’t do big jobs.

    One has also to tell the parents in advance. Not that Ruane is holding anybody to any type of legal compliance these days.

    Just don’t start me, I’m the most persecuted person in Northern Ireland, because of it.

    That’s what it feels like. I made the mistake of asking her to ban sex offenders, why is that a crime?

    I also asked her not to ban cruxifixes, and I was cheekly to Gerry Adams,

    I am now moving to Vermont to get my wheelie bins lifted, it is amazing what doing a Squinter can do for garbage build-up

    And I was asked for 1,200 bucks to see Tom Hartley’s diary!

  • Yvette Doll

    “And now saving the citizens of twinbrook”

    The people of Twinbrook were non-human as far as the Brit army was concerned,

    the same way as the people of Ballymurphy were viewed as non-human when they murdered our two priests. It was terrible, it was grim.

    A lot of people were hurt by it and many people find it difficult to forgive.

    a Mr Butler was trying to get a priest for
    our driver when the priest and a young boy called McCafferty found out about a young girl murdered by the brits anyway the brit sniper shot the priest and then killed Mr Butler and the young boy (Cafferty) was
    shot a lot of times (/) trying to trail their bodies back to the house.

    A long time ago. My advice, ask parents first.