Celtic fans “Ambassadors of Glasgow”

The Irish Times reports that Celtic fans have been lauded as ‘Ambassadors of Glasgow’ by Manchester police. Although I’m a Villa man myself, I have to say fair play to the Hoops fans (but not to the Bhoys themselves – ye were outclassed). “The Manchester authorities were desperate to avoid a repeat of the ugly scenes which marred the most recent visit by a Scottish club to the city, when a minority of Rangers fans wreaked havoc during last season’s UEFA Cup final at the City of Manchester Stadium.

That led to Manchester City Council, Greater Manchester Police and Manchester United issuing a joint statement urging ticketless Celtic fans not to travel to last night’s game.

Match commander Superintendent John Graves was delighted with the outcome. He said on Celtic’s official website: “Whilst I know the result of the game wasn’t what Celtic fans would have wanted, the result of the overall event surely was.

“Making such events a success is not just down to the police and the clubs, it’s a responsibility of everyone involved, especially the supporters. As the police match commander at Old Trafford, I would like to pass on my thanks to those Celtic fans who came to support their club in the finest traditions of genuine football fans, and ambassadors of Glasgow.”

  • the futrures bright, the future’s orange

    Credit where it is due! They certainly got behind the team and behaved well. The celtic performance was abysmal, however. One of the worst sides I’ve ever seen in the C. league – some of the crossing was halarious. That said, the mighty gers wouldn’t have done any better. Should be a closer game at Celtic Park if they can get a couple of strikers back.

  • Driftwood

    I thought I was overweight until I seen Paul Hartley! UEFA cup place for Celtic and I think they might reach the quarter finals. Huge chasm between Englands elite and Scottish teams. I’m not sure the Old Firm would survive in the premiership, for a few years at least.

  • Greagoir O’ Frainclin

    Yep, Celtic’s performance was absolutely terrible overall despite 2 offside goals for the Champions of the English Premiereship and Champions of Europe, Man United. The Champions of Scotland let the SPL down badly. Berbatov’s goals were effortless (and offside) compared to Rooney’s more strenuous and skillfill efforts and who also had a perfect goal disallowed.

    How’s folk doing in the Slugger fantasy football league btw?


    NO surprise there Paddy. Glasgow Celtic fans have a well deserved positive reputation around the world. They don’t believe in trashing other peoples cities, looting and creating trouble EVEN when they get beaten. This is just more praise to add to the numerous awards they have received. I look forward to Gregory Campbell highlighting this story and going on Nolan and Talkback to commend and congratulate Celtic for this praise and high standards for football fans EVERYWHERE?

  • USA

    I began well but have started to slip down the rankings. Still, a long way to go yet and I remain confident of succcess.
    Turned the match off last night when UTD scored their second (I was watching a tape delay here in the US). Celtic did not perform well but we can’t win everytime. After all against English competition in Europe over the last 5 years we have:
    Beaten Blackburn Rovers home and away.
    Beaten Liverpool at Anfield and drawn at Celtic Park.
    Lost 3-2 to Utd at Old Trafford and then won 1-0 at Celtic Park. That gave us 14 points out of a possible 18 while the English teams managed a miserly 4 points COMBINED. Indeed Utd are the only team that can get points off us. They area top team after all. In this time frame we have also made it to the UEFA cup final and twice to the last 16 of the Champions League.
    So i’m not impressed about “gaps” in class and all that shite, Alex Ferguson looked mighty happy to see both offside goals go into the net.
    Celtic compete on only 4 million in TV revenue each year while the English teams probably get around 20 million. A team that gets relegated in England probably gets a bigger parachute payment than Celtic gets as Scottish league champions. So lots of credit is due to Celtic Football Club and her supporters for continuing to compete in the Champions League, even though the result last night was not as we may have hoped we are still way ahead of the English premier league teams on head to head games. Which by the way speaks volumes as to our competiveness if we were ever in a “British” Premier league.
    Hail Hail.

  • the future’s bright the future’s orange

    So i’m not impressed about “gaps” in class and all that shite, Alex Ferguson looked mighty happy to see both offside goals go into the net.

    Do you live on the same planet?

  • oneill

    I thought it was Norwich City in disguise.

  • jambo

    Celtic and Man u fans used to have a wee cosy relantionship,but since we have been down the last twice,its well and truely gone.
    All these scum bags did,like 2 years,was to spit on and threaten Celtic fans.

  • Dec

    It struck me watching the match that Celtic would be fortunate to have one of either Rooney, Berbatov, Nani, Ronaldo or Ferdinand in their team never mind all five together. The actual scoreline was kind to Celtic in the end.

  • Realist

    “It struck me watching the match that Celtic would be fortunate to have one of either Rooney, Berbatov, Nani, Ronaldo or Ferdinand in their team never mind all five together”

    Don’t think Ferdinand played Dec.

  • gram

    I don’t think Celtic performance was that terrible. They were gonna have to ride their luck a bit and in the end didn’t get it.

    We need to get used to the dire sporting “spectacle” we saw on Tuesday night which is the inevitable consequence of 3/4 teams beginning to dominate both their domestic and european competitions.

    Uefa doesn’t seem to have the nous or will to try and address this lack of competition.

    Celtic haven’t got much worse it’s just that Man U and Chelsea are now spending 30M on each player they add to their first team.

  • pat

    I don’t think Manchester police were expecting any trouble from Celtic Fans, especially as there had been no trouble on their previous visits.

    Perhaps there is a lesson for Glasgow Rangers in all of this and if they ever get back into Europe they might study how to visit cities/countries without pissing off the whole population

  • Dec

    Don’t think Ferdinand played Dec.

    Granted, Realist but the point still stands. ot one of Celtic’s players (with the exception of Boruc) would make the United lineup on any give Saturday.

  • gram

    >>It struck me watching the match that Celtic would be fortunate to have one of either Rooney, Berbatov, Nani, Ronaldo or Ferdinand in their team never mind all five together. The actual scoreline was kind to Celtic in the end.<

  • Dec

    Calm down, Gram. Celtic teams of the recent past, especially the O’Neill era (where Larsson would have walked into any team on the planet), could and did compete with major European opposition (and they did alright against Utd 2 years ago). However the spending power of the last few seasons in the Premiership has made the gap that previously existed a chasm.

  • Its a pity that we cannot get club football sorted out in this country.An All Ireland league would be a start.I know its a pipe dream but a Celtic league like in the rugby would be attractive to me any way.If we had two big hitting clubs in both Dublin and Belfast and maybe a few more around the country maybe we could compete in such a league.I am sure club fans won’t mind there clubs being left behind(only joking)
    In reality I dont this Celtic and Rangers can wait for this to occur and will have to join some sort of European super league if the can engineer it.

  • The Bhoys beat the Huns 3-0 today, which is a change in their respective fortunes. Methinks, however, what with Gers being broke etc, this rivalry has run its course, I personally found Crawley Town and Leyton Orient much more interesting this weekend.

  • Mark

    Yes funny that Alan ,

    As soon as I saw the copper was a referee , I knew Celtic would win .

    What with those Gers being on the wrong side of the law all the time .

    Karma , I think those budda’s call it ……

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Indeed. Show me a Partick Thistle fan an I’ll show you a liar. But funny how Tennants sponsor us and them. Er I mean both of them. Ooops I forgot I was a neutral 😉

  • Fitzg: I had to look up Partick’s position, Not good. I really think Scottish soccer is finished, just like the Irish job.
    Many years ago, crews like Finn Harps, Waterford. Derry City, Dundalk were good. Now……

    The United/Crawley game was a cracker and hard luck Crawley but heads held high.

    I would expect the SPL to slowly die. Rangers are broke and neither of the so called Old Firmers are in the same ball park as the big EPLers. I guess this is progress of a sort.

  • Mark

    Billy Connolly for one Fitz I think ….

    Wasn’t it …. I say that because most english people think they’re called Partick Thistle nil …

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Alas on a tour of the Celtic Stadium….as a neutral of course….I was shown Mr Connollys seat. A far cry from the days when he stood “in the Jungle”……but being a neutral I have obviously never heard of the Jungle.

  • Mark

    makes me think of an audience with Billy Connolly ….and Robbie Coltrane in knots of laughter and Big Jack and Susie bleedin Quatroux and Francis Rossi brushing aside a little charlie from the aul hooter ( sorry Fran ) , a who’s who of the rich and dangerous .

  • Incidentally, Fitzg: Following one of your much earlier posts, I tracked down a lot of Jacobin music. Muy amable. Merci.

  • lamhdearg

    BIG JOCK —-. well all true celtic know.