Bertie’s downfall

Iar-Taoiseach Bertie Ahern had a not so great fall yesterday sustaining a fractured leg in the process. While there were no doubt considerable well-wishers the humour of the gallows was swiftly deployed over on Some of the best bits are below.mccafferty cat opened by wondering ’Could Cowen sort out a medical card for him I wonder?’
Aindriu – ‘Perhaps he was attempting suicide after seeing what a horlicks Cowen et al are making of things?’

Locke – ‘It says something that they have to deny that he was pushed.’

Drogehda South- ‘Appropriately he was coming down the stairs in St. Lukes. What was he up to? Carrying down some of his communion money?’ He later wondered ‘Hopefully his soft landing didn’t involve crushing Grainne Carruth.’

mccafferty cat – ‘Eoghan Harris in next weeks Sunday Independent: “Stairs have always had it in for Bertie Ahern. With their superiority complex, brought about by their height and lofty nature, they just can’t accept that a salt of the earth man could rise to such heights” That, or a Jody Corcoran front page headline: “Judge Alan Mahon seen lurking in shadows of St. Lukes stairwell”

Digout ‘if karma is real then he’s be breaking a lot more than a leg….he’d be just broke, flat broke…’

Cookie68 – Nurse : “Mr Ahern, I’m afraid it’s your fibia”

Bertie : “Jaysus, infacta…. I told a lot of dem over de years….”

Codology ‘P.S. I pushed you. / Sounds like Bertie has won the race to the bottom.’

‘Bertie probably thinks that “Perjury” is some kind of medical condition.’

Gimpanzee – ‘Der’s nuttin rong with Bertie leg. Its in fantastic shape, never been better and all doze doom merchants who say otherwise should go and throw demselves down de stairs. / And I always thought snakes didn’t have any legs. Well you learn something new every day.’

Cookie68 – ‘Is Paddy The Plasterer in Paris?’

It was also noted by a number of contributors that he should look to sue the owners. If only he know who they were…