Reg can’t have it both ways or can he?

Roy Garland, while expressing some scepticism of the Tory link-up, criticises the UUP approaches to the TUV as defeatist and concluding that:

People on all sides want confident, bold, imaginative and constructive leadership and cry out for leaders who can lead us out of this wilderness. Instead we seem to be reverting to ancestral voices –  a dangerous copout if ever there was one.

Meanwhile Alex Kane defends the talks on the basis of electoral realities and that the DUP have no right to criticise.

  • Why am I still a UUP voter?

    Leaving to one side Garland and that useless rag’s subs’ inability to spell chalice (“challis”!), here’s his central, odious lie: ‘Our “troubles” were a squalid war in which no one won and from which no one has emerged with clean hands’. I’m more than willing to accept that Roy’s hands aren’t and weren’t ‘clean’, but here’s the thing: mine, and those of the vast majority, Unionist or Nationalist, were and are. So by all means feel guilty Roy, just remember it’s your own guilt for your own sins. As for Kane, words fail me, and I wish they would him.

  • Duncan Shipley Dalton

    I though Roy made a decent argument and I agree with him. On this occasion I think Alex is wrong. To turn the Euro election into a sectarian headcount is a step backwards and its uneccessary.

    I think Roy’s point is also fair enough in that no one really has clean hands in NI. The violence was a product of the systemic pressures of the political society we are in. It doesn’t justify it but the idea that a crowd of evil doers parachuted in in 1966 or 1969, take your pick, is just overly simplistic. Everyone contributes to that system and maintains it.

  • Why am I still a UUP voter?

    What’s up with this site? It may well be the – unstated – opinion of its owner that Duncan’s absurd and offensive proposition – ‘no one really has clean hands in NI’ – is right, but if you want to censor disagreement with that, have the guts to do it openly, rather than with this endless, silent redaction. Time draws closer to have a chat with Will Lewis methinks. I’m more than slightly sure that *he* doesn’t think that everyone in NI is equally guilty, terrorist and victim alike.

  • Why am I still a UUP voter?

    Uh, I suspect I owe an apology here – I fear a post I intended to stick up never got past the ‘preview’ stage at my end. Belay that chat with WL.

  • Mark McGregor

    I find the idea of Reg having it both ways deeply, deeply disturbing.

  • fair_deal


  • Duncan Shipley Dalton

    I would not go so far as to say ‘equally guilty’ but the idea that some can stand aside and display their glowing clean hands is equally fallacious. It was a complex set of causes that led to the ‘troubles’ and it has roots in many aspects of our society. That does not justify the acts of violence however and people could have pursued their objectives by other means. That statement goes as much for the PIRA as it does those who bludgeoned protesters around the head at Burntollet.

  • Meanwhile Alex Kane defends the talks

    Thanks Alex. That was in danger of slipping from the public eye. Keep the good work up. I owe you a pint.

  • Ian

    There might be a NI aspect to the latest Tory donation scandal, but there doesn’t seem to be a thread on the subject so I thought I’d mention it here.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the ban on foreign donors doesn’t apply to the NI parties, or at least not yet. Could Mr Oleg Deripaska legally donate money to the local branch of the Conservative party. Or, if the proposed Tory-UUP link-up goes ahead, via the UUP?

  • autocue

    In light of the fact that Brown (at this stage) seems to be making something of a recovery and the Tories have stalled, just how foolish does linking up with them look now?

  • fair_deal


    An election would still not be competitive. Labour has essentially raised its rating from 25% to 30% with the Tories still in the low 40’s. That is still handsome majority territory. Labour needs to be in the 34% zone and Tories just shy of 40% for Labour to stand a chance of forming the government.

  • eranu

    thats an interesting angle Ian

  • darth rumsfeld

    meanwhile Reg looks east, sees Osborne’s modus operandi, and immediately heads for the Seacat terminal to see if he can hook up with a Polish window cleaner on the Stranraer boat and persuade him to donate a few quid to pay the lecky bill at Cunningplan House…

    oh sorry, I forgot- after last week’s not totally ecstatic UUP meetingsm with disgruntled backwoodsmen the Tory merger is apparently being quietly long fingered for a period. Surely someone who was there will confirm?…

  • Llamedos

    Spherical Objects= Cahones= Darth Rumsfelds information.

  • frustrated democrat


    They won’t as that is rubbish.

    The vast majority of UUP executive and grass roots members are in favour of a close relationship with the Tories.

    There are one or two whowever who would like to pretend that is not the case.