“really does not care about young people and their future..”

A couple of quick [stupid? – Ed] questions this morning. Does the series of hoax devices planted in the grounds of St Colm’s High School, Twinbrook, constitute a campaign against the school? [or its principal? – Ed] – five security alerts in the last fortnight. And is it connected to the complaint noted here? From the latest BBC report.

School principal Imelda Jordan said she was disgusted with the situation. “I really don’t know who is doing this, she said. “However, whoever it is, really does not care about young people and their future and that is the awful thing in our society today.”

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  • cynic

    Lesson no 1 yet again….when you start a horse running you dont know where it will go and there are enough nutters in NI to take it places no one really wants to be. It is always very easy here to whip things up, wrap yourself in flag and shout. And hey, if SF dont want what is now their Army too visiting a school, why did they sign up to the agreement that cemented that constitutional position? Didn’t they notice that bit? Whoops again?

    And why don’t they trust young people in West Belfast to make up their own minds on these issues? Could they be afraid of the choices they may make?

    As for the ‘devices’, heaven knows who is behind this and the Principal’s comments hit the nail on the head. But where, oh where are the ‘community representatives’ expressing outrage and promising to ‘work with local people to stop this’? Is this their week off? Has the grant money run out?

    Where too is our esteemed Children’s Commissioner on this one? Has she said anything? Doesnt she consider 5 hoax devices at a school – with all the associated fear and disruption for kids – as of least the same importance as teachers striking over the danger posed by an allegedly violent and disruptive pupil? What is the difference between the two cases?

  • willis

    I’m glad you brought up Movilla because I am surprised that it has been completely off the Slugger Radar.

    It is rare that I have any praise for the Telegraph, but at least they are hosting a discussion.


  • Dec

    Presumably he’s delighted that these needs will now be dealt with in court when the guy faces an assault charge. And all this for brushing past a teacher’s arm. Truly unbelievable especially if like me you went to school at a time (the 80s) when certain teachers regularly dished out right hooks if you looked at them funny.

  • I think you’ll find Cynic that there is a short statement on the commissioner’s website on the St Colm’s High School situation – albeit a short one.

  • willis


    You put your finger on what is troubling about this situation. Do the police really pass on a case to the DPP if all that has happened is a brush past?

    My reading of the case is that the teachers wanted this resolved amicably and informally but that the parents, governors and board wanted to put them in their place.

    Now the poor child is to be dragged through the courts.

  • willis

    What is the point of a blog? Is it to have a discussion or is it just to talk to yourself?

    Maybe you can help Stephen Elliot out. He clearly feels a need to run an education blog but no-one wants to come to the party.


  • Comrade Stalin

    Is it possible that the kids are phoning in the bomb warnings ?

  • Ulsters my homeland

    “hoax devices planted in the grounds of St Colm’s High School, Twinbrook”

    it could be worse, we could have big bad proddies outside the school and Catholics parents frogmarching their children through them.

  • Essentialist

    Willis states “My reading of the case is that the teachers wanted this resolved amicably and informally but that the parents, governors and board wanted to put them in their place.

    Now the poor child is to be dragged through the courts”

    Interesting retrospective analysis. So who involved the police? How convenient that the teacher didn’t want the pupil charged but now that he has been the teacher and his concerned colleagues can wring their hands and cry crocodile tears.

    The extent of the teachers concern must be measured by the FoUR THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND SIXTY DAYS of pupil instruction denied to innocent pupils to date.

    Willis displays a disturbing attitude in common with the striking teachers in describing the boy as “poor”

    The pupil is certainly better off without help such as theirs.

    As of Thursday morning the punishment by teachers persists.

  • Yvette Doll

    Movilla was probably planned *before* the assault

    What did the police say about the last attempt by the NASUWT to humble the SEELB?

    June.McHugh@psni.pnn.police.uk wrote:

    >In 2002 the police investigated an allegation of indecent assault on a pupil by a teacher at Laurelhill Community College. A file was forwarded to the DPP and a decision was made to prosecute.
    >The individual who was prosecuted subsequently pleaded guilty to and was convicted of assault.
    >The police do not have any information to indicate that this complaint was malicious.
    >Any views expressed by the sender of this message are not necessarily
    >those of the Police Service of Northern Ireland. This e-mail and any
    >files transmitted with it are intended solely for the use of the
    >individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received
    >this e-mail in error please notify the sender immediately by using the
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    >presence of viruses.

  • Yvette Doll

    “My reading of the case is that the teachers wanted this resolved amicably and informally but that the parents, governors and board wanted to put them in their place.”

    The number one complaint I have from the UN, FBI, Dept of State et alia, the list goes on, is that nobody in the UK, is prepared to answer simple questions about ‘teachers’.

    Your answer is

    (a) Doorway
    (b) SEELB
    (c) NI

    I worked ten years on this strike, the Movilla one, and your reading couldn’t be more wrong. With the NASUWT it just never ends. They will never ever stop.

    They were interested in the ‘doorway’ and the SEELB part was pure revenge, and NI is a cool place to lose if lose they must.

    It was linked to their competition with the other unions, one of the reasons the NASUWT is doing well, it attracts a certain type of customer.

    In 1997, they welcomed any sexual misconduct candidates, even from non-members,

    they wanted that business. Most male teachers are troubled for perv related.

    Darn it they headed up a conference with a teacher drunk and completely naked in front of kids who the NUT had booted out and refused to represent.

    They used that template at conference! That sums the NASUWT up. They are just very icky.

    Their number one problem is schoolgirls, & List 99 so they need to legalize abuse of trust. If they get that they can cover the rest.

    The collateral damage would be the decriminalization of foster parents sleeping with foster children & etc. re: derogation of SOA 2003.

    No crime, no police, no search warrant, no child pornography conviction.

    Fifty year old guys with schoolgirl lovers have interesting computers. If you want chapter and verse I can give it to you.

    The doorway, Movilla, that clinched it. The NASUWT heralded their false allegation campaign with this lady, the ret of the false allegation ‘victims’ are more or less the same.

    Cleared teacher was ‘addicted to sex’, say doctors
    Tracy McVeigh
    guardian.co.uk, Sunday November 14 1999 01.49 GMT
    Article history


    She was the best candidate they had, in fairness she may still be, let me put it this way,

    the NASUWT has just come out and asked for teacher/schoolgirl sex to be decriminalized, because that is what they need most, more than any other objective.

    “Williams refused to discuss her treatment at Bournemouth, one of 20 centres in the UK that treat sexaholism, though friends speaking for her denied allegations of relationships with other patients.”

    In fairness, and by NASUWT standards, she was definitely one of their more respectable campaign icons. So, she was drunk and completely naked in front of the pupils etc.

    “It is a sad fact that the teaching profession is today so vulnerable and easily exposed to untrue allegations of abuse or assault of any kind, even from the most unreliable of sources.”


    Same period as the clinic for sex addiction. The NUT had just dumped her, the NASUWT grabbed her,

    she was genuinely more acceptable than the ‘in-house’ teachers they had,

  • Yvette Doll

    “And all this for brushing past a teacher’s arm.”


    I agree not really a violent assault at all. It is like the David Bell thing, it is an agenda strike.

    Bell plead guilty, and he is still guilty. They went on strike to evict the assault victim!


    NASUWT had to pay costs.

    So they have two standards, one for teachers one for school kids.

    The latter are asked to leave regardless if they are victim or alleged culprit. I’d sooner have the B-Specials in class with my kids.