Sad obsessives thread

IIRC it was said at the Slugger Awards Judges panel that anyone who took an interest in the Conservative Party of Canada was a sad obsessive. So here is a thread for that small band of fellow obsessives. Canada has voted and the Conservatives have made gains but not enough to secure a majority government. Hoped for Conservative advances in Quebec were not achieved. It may also be worth noting that the Liberals election campaign was built around environmental issues but it did not fly with the voters. The New Democratic Party also made gains but not enough to undermine the Liberals as the key opposition party. UPDATE Fellow obsessive Burke’s Corner offers his thoughts. Tim Montgomerie, who spect time in the CPC camapign room, provides this analysis.

  • Steve

    There was a clear anybody but Harper vote in Canada, the problem was no one was quite sure who to vote for.

    The NDP was making clear gains and they were the only party with new ideas

    The Liberals leader Dione is not well liked outside of Quebec and he was a clear drag on the party. Expect a new leader soon, hopefully one with a little charisma and style

    All in all about the best we could hope for as atleast we don’t have the right wing religous nuts able to force through stupid legislation

    I am not obsessive, I AM CANADIAN. My fellow Canucks will get that one

  • Jonathan Kennedy

    I am Canadian too Steve, though merely by citizenship and accident of birth.

    I completely missed the whole campaign until noticing it was polling day yesterday! Harper did not make the breakthrough in Quebec that he was relying upon to get a majority, and also lost seats in the Atlantic provinces because of some fishing disagreements.

    I also see that the Green leader wasn’t elected either, but what did she expect by standing in the constituency of former foreign minister Peter McKay?

  • Dewi

    Bloc Quebecois held up quite well – indeed a couple of English speaking Canadian colleagues of mine say they wish they had had the chance to vote for Duceppe….

  • Dewi

    And FD – more stuff for sad obsessives please…

  • Dewi – have had the same impression myself, but the thing about Duceppe is you only hear about him in English Canada at election time so he sounds like “breath of fresh air” rather than “old windbag”.

    As for Harper – thank god he didn’t get a majority which would get the right wingers firing out anti-abortion bills (as Private Members). The key for the Liberals is for the Chretien and Martin wings of the party to dissolve, for Ignatieff and Rae to agree not to run for leadership and dissuade others to do so, and bring in an untainted name – Frank McKenna would be my choice – as leader.

    The next meeting between Harper and Danny Williams, who as a Conservative provincial Premier wiped out the federal party in Newfoundland and arguably denied Harper a majority, should be lively.

  • BfB

    Fair play to the adults in canuckistan…there may be hope yet..
    Conservatives win with a higher percentage than last election….
    Progress…not perfection…yet…

  • Steve

    Canuckistan – thats funny considering the state of your economy compared to ours

    Especially as the wee shrubbie is about to go all socialist on your asses

  • Brian Crowe

    FD – the cynic within me wonders if the ‘sad obsessive’ label only applies to those interested in the Canadian Tories, rather than the Grits or NDP. I know, I know, far too cynical.

  • fair_deal


    “the cynic within me wonders”

    Cheer up its only Wednesday 😉

  • Dewi
  • Yvette Doll

    Polar bears are fleeing to Canada in huge numbers, they are going to have to be fed and entertained,

    I think Dion’s publicity stunt of handing out Kevlar vests to Polar Bears deciding to womble it out in Alaska has back-fired badly.

    Putting a tax on life-support machines to pay for safe crack inhalation centres in Vancouver was also another act of madness.

    As with many foreign people who are not very good at English, his main political mistake was promising to stick his paw into wallets before he got elected.

    Is he the only liberal leadre since the fenian invasion of Canada not to get to be a Prime Minister?

  • The Green Shift by the Liberals was sincere but very ineffective, which is why after a summer of promoting their environmental scheme, Dion and his people seemed to play down their plans, especially in the face of the economic downturn (South of the border, that is).