RUC memorial window unveiled

A memorial window to the members of the RUC murdered or injured during the Troubles was unveiled yesterday in St Anne’s Cathedral.

  • PeaceandJustice

    The inscription on the window seems very appropriate “Blessed are the Peacemakers”. A lot of brave men and women who stood up against the evil of terrorism.

  • From my heart of hearts

    The real memorial to these brave men is every day you get to live your life free from terrorism of every local variety and the victory of self determination for the people of Northern Ireland alone.

    WE WILL NEVER FORGET THEM. No slander, no matter how many idiots are found to trumpet it can dim the glory of their victory.

    God Bless the fallen of the RUC

  • Ulsters my homeland

    Very true P&J;. It’s a pity P&O;weren’t as loyal.

    Hopefully more slugger posters show their support on this thread.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    If they were such darlings why did the British(born in Britain) government give them the bum’s rush?

  • fin

    unfortunately I’m afraid remembering the RUC in this manner will reinforce the view held by many nationalists that the RUC was a protestant force for a protestant people, and, even if they had tried to find a catholic building to install a matching window I don’t think they would have had any takers

  • ciaran

    Don’t really care about the erection of the window but please do not try and sell us the line that we have peace because of the efforts of the ruc.They , with their sectarian mindset helped prolong the conflict here.

  • ulsterfan

    Since when did buildings profess a form of religion?
    We have enough problems with people that we do not need inanimate objects express opinions.

  • marty f

    most people in my community were glad to see the defeat and disbandment of the ruc and very few will be going to st annes to view this sectarian window. shame on those who run the church for giving it room…makes us fenians have little doubt what they think of us.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    ulsterfan, if you ban the inanimate objects from this site you’ll have no support left.

  • longshotkickdabucket

    ‘We do not need inanimate objects expressing opinions.’

    That rules you out then, UMH.

  • wha?

    What is the point of this thread other than a bald statement of fact? Does it offer any particular view or insight?

    Views on the RUC have more or less been finessed by now. We all know where we stand do we not?

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Surely the inscription should have been – “Blessed are the Moneymakers”?

  • Dave

    Is it not possible to show just a little respect for the dead and the maimed and those who love them yet?

  • Pancho’s Horse

    No problems,Dave, as long as it’s all the dead and all the maimed and all who love them yet.

  • fin

    Ulsterfan, you seem to be walking away from this rather quickly, its a stained glass window showing religous icons in a CoI Catheral, furthermore I’m guessing its a consecrated building, are you saying that whole location thing is an accident, that the stained glass window could just as easily have been erected in an abatoir or a fish and chip shop or indeed in a RC Catheral….earth to ulsterfan…..


    As a Nationalist I have absolutely NO problem with the RUC window in St. Anne’s Cathedral. That the RUC suffered their own victims isn’t in dispute. However as a so called Christian grouping, which many of us theologically dispute as it was founded on Henry VII’s loins and rage at not being granted a divorce by the Pope, the Church of Ireland would SURELY recognise that in the interests of fairness they should have another window. Maybe a window which shows the innocent children murdered by RUC plastic and lead bullets; faces of innocent Catholics & Protestants murdered by Loyalist terrorists given information by the RUC; RUC members beating Civil Rights marchers off the streets; images of RUC men and women shouting sectarian abuse as they kept the Fenians hemmed into their ghettos while the Loyal Brethran goosestepped past their homes; the horror and dismay of most decent people while the Church of Ireland buried it’s head and ignored the sectarian pogroms and orgies of violence as Unionists wrecked havoc BECAUSE the Orange Order could NOT display and flaunt it’s supremacist bigotry at Drumcree and on the Springfield Road. Indeed, the Church of Ireland and the RUC have NOTHING to be proud about; maybe it should be a window of their disgrace and shame over the last 40 years. Furthermore the Church of Ireland/ Anglican sect should hang it’s head in shame at it’s bloodthirsty crimes against the monasteries and religious communities in Britain and Ireland during the Tudor reign.


    Indeed that should be Henry VIII’s reign. How ANYONE could even theologically consider the COI/Anglican ‘Church’ a legitimate Christian church is beyond me. It was founded on Henry VIII’S lust and desire for a male heir. It CANNOT be given ANY credibility.

  • cynic

    “How ANYONE could even theologically consider the COI/Anglican ‘Church’ a legitimate Christian church is beyond me.”

    Yes Lurig, but then a lot of things do seem to be.

    Presumably you were happy with the Inquisition and think that Bloody Mary was a role model as Queen. Oh the shame, think how many more Prods she could have burned had she but lived!

  • RepublicanStones

    Wow and some people cry about the GAA ‘supporting’ terrorism.

  • Democratic

    Wipe the froth of your mouth Lurig – it’s really getting tiresome – you seem to be upping the ante each time you post to expose your bitterness for all to see – I think what’s bothering you is that no-one is really biting on your line and driving you a bit mental! – (moreso than usual)
    Was your real daddy a Prod by any chance – is that the true source of your anger?….