“without getting themselves into trouble..”

Niall Stanage on BBC NI Hearts and Minds with some useful background information on the recent kerfuffle over one US presidential candidate’s reported opinions on Northern Ireland and the exaggarated importance of the Irish-American vote, and that of the influence of the Irish-American lobby. [Bill] Clinton gets a mention too [The “thinking man’s shit”? – Ed] It “has never been just about those “dreary steeples”.”

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  • Mr Potato Head

    [Play the ball – edited moderator]

  • Steve

    Why does calling for an inquiry into the murder of Finucane tip the balance as far as even handedness of any administration?

  • Pete Baker


    Are you having a problem with watching, or listening, to the YouTube clip?

  • Steve

    I watched and the first thing the presenter stated was by asking for an inquiry into finucane Obama was signalling a change in official policy as to even handedness in dealing with republicans and onionists

    Are the onionists really that scared about what might be found hiding in the cabbage patch

  • Pete Baker

    Well, watch all the way through then, Steve.

    The ball is Stanage’s analysis of what is actually happening.

  • Steve

    I will save you a trip to your sock drawer and wait to see if someone more interesting then you has a go

  • BfB

    Obiewan will be unavailable for comment this week as he is honoring the anniversery of the execution, death of that murdering communist bastard Che Guevara. He and his mentor, murdering communist bastard, Bill Ayers, will be drinking cheap wine, smoking pot, and plotting the overthrow of the USA in Che’s honor.
    And as ACORN his wife reminds us, vote early and vote often.

  • USA

    The Finucane family want the truth. Nothing wrong with that in my view.
    What are Reg Empty and the TUV leader getting all worked up about, do they not support policing and justice?