Northern Bank robbery trial collapses

The trial of the only man charged in connection with the Northern Bank robbery has collapsed. Adds The iol report includes a number of useful links. More details here. And more from the BBC’s Vincent Kearney.

Prosecuting QC Gordon Kerr told the Diplock, no-jury judge of Belfast Crown Court, that they were offering no further evidence in the case of the Poleglass man from Colinmill, on the outskirts of Belfast.

Defence QC Arthur Harvey is now to ask that Ward, sacked from the Northern Bank after working for them for over half a decade, be acquitted of the December 20, raid in 2004, and kidnapping his bank boss Kevin McMullan and wife Kyran.

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  • Mick Fealty

    That’s another tranche of comments gone. Not all of them were worthy of removal. We give people the freedom to post what they see fit first which we review on request a posteriori. But I don’t get paid to find the time to pick through the thread for gold.

    I know of several internet discussion sites that have had to close because of certain ‘gaming’ techniques designed to push them into legal difficulties. There’s been a fair amount of that on this thread: time to draw it to a close and get down to brass tacks.

    For the record: be extremely cautious about what you say about a man whom the court has declared innocent. Informed comment is always welcome, but be very careful to be circumscribed in what you say about any of the parties to this case.

    I see a lot of spin and falsehood being peddled here, amidst people trying to make strong points in the historical context of this issue. Your points are best made with links out to evidence and contextualising links.

    As I said in my video pitch (, you win no arguments worth speaking of by exercising animus. Attend to the detail and the context, and your contributions will be all the more powerful!

    Now please start again. This time, if you you think it’s worth persisting with gaming rather than arguing civilly, then you may suddenly find that you number amongst’ the banned’.

  • joeCanuck


    As far as I could tell, the main offender on both the threads was a familiar troll here on slugger. Wouldn’t it be just and fair to simply red card him?

  • Mick Fealty

    To be honest Joe, it wasn’t simply the actions of one commenter alone. It was the hysterical/cynical interaction between several.

    I’m not sure that any one of them did enough to earn a red card on their own merits.

  • And I beg to disagree, Mick, since UMH called me a lying, witching-hunting, sad, misguided child or geriatric Nazi for even bringing up his outrageous behavior in a complaint.

    UMH obviously has open season on anyone when he sees fit, and I shall keep it in mind in future.

  • Mick Fealty

    Not sure Joe had UMH in mind. But now even you are starting. And this is precisely the reason the thread has effectively had to be shut down.

    It’s the worst case of fair gaming ( we’ve seen on Slugger for some time. I’ve written to one commenter ask him directly about some of the particular allegations he made, and still have had no reply.

    UMH is pretty close to a Yellow: not for this incident, but for previous misdemenours.