Slugger Awards 2008: Journalism…

Right from the very beginning, good journalism has been the lifeblood of Slugger O’Toole. Northern Irish journalism has faced many Troubles challenges in the past that have required courage and integrity. But we’re just as interested in those who have gone out of their way to explain the transition towards parliamentary democracy. And the winner is…Winner: David Gordon.

David was very a popular choice for Slugger’s readers. HIs dogged determination over a long number of years has been well noted by politicians and civil servants over their years, causing some to quake in fear when he lodges a well aimed Freedom of Information request. He is widely held to played a critical role in uncovering the detail that led to the resignation of Ian Paisley from the job of First Minster. He followed a line of inquiry that required great personal courage.

Commended: Ken Reid.

Quite simply Ken has been consistently reliable and particularly well connected. Over the Blair years, he delivered much of the breaking news and giving the inside track well ahead of the pack. It was his interview in March this year in which Ian Paisley announced he would stepping down as First Minister and leader of the DUP.

Commended: Frank Millar.

Frank probably does not have the highest profile in the Northern Irish press, since he’s the London editor of a Dubin newspaper. But he occupies a unique position in having strong contacts in three cities. His journalism consists of clear and often challenging analysis and reputation for reliable reporting. His series of interviews in the lead up to the St Andrews deal uncovered a number of previously hidden contexts to the larger public game.