I just got this news alert from the Space Weather website – “ASTEROID 2008 TC3: A small, newly-discovered asteroid named 2008 TC3 is approaching Earth and chances are good that it will hit. Measuring only a few meters across, the space rock poses no threat to people or structures on the ground, but it should create a spectacular fireball, releasing about a kiloton of energy as it disintegrates and explodes in the high atmosphere. At least one expert estimates that atmospheric entry will occur on Oct 7th at 0246 UTC over northern Sudan.” At least it wasn’t another Gamma-Ray burst.. Adds More here – “Since its discovery barely a day ago..” Update No images of the fireball yet, and I have been extremely fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time to have seen one of those in the past, but in the meantime here’s David Yeomans of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.