RIR TA return from Afghanistan

The TA section of the Royal Irish Regiment deployment has returned to Northern Ireland after its six month tour in Afghanistan.

  • Kong

    Good to see the lads home safe and well.
    Good bless the only real army in Irealnd.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    And Good bless you too!

  • RepublicanStones

    ‘Good bless the only real army in Irealnd.’


  • Greenflag

    Welcome back and lets hope for the sake of their families they don’t have to go back again . Recent comments made by senior Army personnel seem to suggest that there is little hope of a quick ‘victory’ over the militants even with a build up of troops . Whether the West has the stomach for a 20 year ‘stay’ and the will to pour billions more in is in question .

    Afghanistan probably could have been ‘settled ‘ after the overthrow of the Taliban bt as we all know now Iraq’s oil was a ‘juicier ‘ target 🙁

  • Kong

    The British Army old boy !

    (perhaps victory could be made more likely if we let the soldiers do their jobs instead of lumbering them with political behaviour protocols that only worsen the situation and make no difference to enemy propaganda or attitudes ? eh what ?!)

  • circles

    Indeed Kong old chap. Dig those rag-heads out of their holes what! Every man, woman and child of them. Untie the army’s hands and all that, let loose the dogs what.

    And then they can realy dig themselves into the shit and we won’t have to worry about them ever coming back here.